About Me.....

I am a 40 something single living in the NW.  I am an artist, quilter, needlepointer, crossstitcher, sewer, reader, gardener, designer, decorator  and a lover of beautiful things. I am so inspired by everyone in the blog world and want to convey my world of bliss. So join me as I post my thoughts and projects in my wonderful world of Tadlafleur.

Let me tell you about my blog name. It is a combination of the names of my two grandmothers. The independent seamstress (my fathers mother) and women who I was named after (my mother's mother) and who also taught me to love beautiful things. Two wonderful women that have influenced me but have since passed on.  I added the french word for flower on the end  because I love flowers in all forms and thought it sounded like a nice finish to the old-fashioned names. It was originally The Agnes Dorothy la Fleur but it seems to have worked itself down to TadLaFleur. . I like it. When I was in college I had to develop a plan for any kind of business I wanted. I have always dreamed about owning a Bed and Breakfast so that is what I developed for my business plan. At that time I was really struck with the combination of the two names and I put them together to come up with  The Agnes Dorothy. I just loved how it flowed and I have kept it as one of my signature names ever since among a few others.  It just naturally came to be the name of my blog as I feel as it represents me. . The rose that is on the main page is  a photo of an Agnes Rose.
One of my passions is quilting. I learned when I was 16 from my aunt  (on my fathers side) who has a wonderful touch with sewing and needlepoint. I remember going to an old house on Broadway to pick out my fabric.  This was before the time of rotary cutters and self healing mats.  I remember drawing out my pieces and then cutting by hand.   I used a very fluffy batting and I tied it. To hold the sandwich together I used pins.  Well I did not get all of them out after I tied it and for many years I would wake up in the morning with at scratch from the pins that were working them selves out.   In 2010 there are seams that are coming apart but i just sew them together as the quilt is a warm reminder of that time. My grandmother (my father's mother)  was a well known  seamstress in Seattle and I can remember as a little girl she tried to teach me to sew. She would get so frustrated with me that I could not sew a straight line she quit teaching me. Let me tell you -- I still don't but i don't let it stop me. Just never look closely at my wavy borders.

My mother's mother taught me the art of picking out beautiful china.  I remember as a small girl going with her and my mother to antique stores to find RS Prussia.  Back then it was not very much.  Today it is rarer so the prices have gone up.  She also taught me that even though it's beautiful you can still use them for the mash potatoes at Thanksgiving and we do to this day.

Another passion of my mine is reading. I love to read.  I use our fantastic county library on a consist basis and usually have about 17 books out at one time.  I get all type of books and I have also stumbled on the fact that I can borrow movies.  I have a list a mile long of books and other items I want to check out.   I find it so exciting to find new authors and new stories from the most unusual places.  It is so fun to go on the journey to find them and to learn all I can about the writer or their influences  and then read everyone of there stories I can find.  I also live in the city of Powell's books and I love going and looking in the stacks.   One of my favorite genres is writers like Louise Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, Betsy and Tacy. I love to read stories of the time period of 1900 and especially when they were written in the first half of the 1900's. There is something so quaint about the style and the descriptions of times gone by. I will admit it I am a romantic.

So if you ever see someone hanging around a fabric/craft store or book store for long periods of time in the Portland area.... you might ask her if her name is Dottie.

Oct 2012.  I moved into an apartment in July  and I have been having fun setting up house.  I have been going through boxes that I haven't seen in 6 years.