Sunday, November 29, 2009

Working on a another project.

I am feeling so creative lately. I love it. I am also trying something new. Rather than putting things off I am working on them when I am inspired. So I am having many projects going at once rather than just one. It is helping me get through all of them faster. Odd but true. I don't get bored so easy and I get motivated to work on all of it instead of do nothing. So today I brought a different project to work on - that I actually kind of started in July but got sidetracked as I wasn't sitting at a table doing it but on my bed watching a movie.
There is a side note to my project today. Over the last 5 years or so, in my act to become more creative ,I have fallen in love with certain magazines and I would buy them every month to fill my creative and dreaming fix. The number I buy each month has been dwindling as different magazines are closing. Magazines like Home Companion, Cottage Living, Country Living, and a few others. I still can get Victoria and Romantic Home. I always buy Quilters Newsletter and assorted quilting ones that catch my eye. Another one i am grieving is Mark Lipinski leaving Quilters Home. I can't find their latest version where he is not part of it. I am curious and just want to see it. Victoria- that has inspired me in the literature world and has introduced me to some wonderful writers and artists i.e. Tasha Tutor, Alexandra Stoddard and Madeleine L'Engle to name a few.
Well let me tell you the stacks keep falling over I have collected so many because I don't like giving them away. I am running out of room. I had to par down as they were collecting dust and I wasn't looking at them like i thought i would. I didn't want to get rid of them because they inspired me. I decided to do an idea that my friend David J. told me about. Make a "Dream Book" or and "Idea Notebook" full of my influences as that I could look through for decorating and quilting ideas and anything else I wanted to be inspired for. I first determined that there were a few magazines that I still wanted to hang on to. Like my quilting magazines, Home Companion, Victoria and I think Romantic Home. I divided them up earlier this year. The others were the ones I was going to go through and cut out pages or photos or whatever tickled my fancy and glue them into the book and then recycle them.
When I was at Freddy's one day I got Strathmore Sketch book. that is 100 pages thick and 9 x 12. It is heavier than basic notebook paper and it's perfect to glue magazine paper to.
In July when I started the project I thought if I could just do about 4 a day or at least 4 a week, I could get through the "get rid of stack". Well when I sat down on my bed the first day to work on it, the flow wasn't there and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. At the end of the movie, I put all my cutting into a hanging folder and filed them away till the next time and I figured out what I was going to do.
This past week I have just haven't been able to get the project off my mind so guess what I pulled out this morning. Yes you are right. My cuttings, my sketch book, a glue stick and about 6 more magazines. I sat here for 4 hours putting the cuttings on to the pages. Time has whizzed by. I plan now to cut from 3 more magazines and try to glue them in.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another venture.

I am starting an outline to write a book. At this moment I am up to 3 pages. I have written main characters, other characters, stores, business, etc and have outlined what the town looks like in my mind. I need to still come up a name for the town. Any ideas? I have names for the business or at least the main ones. I have a history of the town and the main house that I have somewhat thought out.
It is so exciting. I still have a lot of parts to figure out but I can already see cross stories, and potential sequels. I just need to figure out what this main story is going to be about. I have dreamed about this town before. I have written small stories set in this town as a beginning, I think I am going to be setting it in current times but have set up scenarios for the ability to be able to go back in history also. I am not sure of exactly what state it's going to be in but I know it's near the coast and the town is on a bay. Quilting and other crafts will be a part of it. Some of the details might change as I go along but the basic features I think will work. As example. names have changed while I am transcribing onto the computer the pages I have written by hand. As time goes along I might find more appropriate things then the ones I am making up now...
This is also a long time dream. Writing a book. I know it's just not a fly by thing. I know it will take hard work. I also know that I will struggle with words. I know that I might not finish it by tomorrow but hopefully in my lifetime. lol But it is a project, an adventure and the best way to reach the goal is to work on a little bit each day.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A new project....


Well i haven't quite finished my cross stitch project all the way. I have painted the frame i just need to sand it a bit and but the piece in. Will do that when i have time as I feel like all I do is work and sleep. lol

Last week i bought a new needlepoint project. I have had the urge to do it again. My Aunt's Jennie and Smay do them all the time. This is the one I found at Joanne's for 9.99. I got two. I hope to use them in my new apartment on a slip covered couch. . Not bad in price as I saw them on the Internet for over 23 dollars. It's a Bucilla pattern # 4904.
I also had to buy a new frame as I never did go get my first one out of storage. When i tried it on my days off the canvas was too big
for the frame so i tried folding the sides. It didn't work. It wouldn't slide into the slots on the dowels. Lol.. nothing was working that afternoon - check out my post on crocheting to see what else didn't work that day.. So I took it to work today and ended up cutting off about an inch of the canvas on the sides. It slid right in. I wrapped it up and then next separated my thread. Did you know that this pillow has light dusty pink, medium dusty pink, dark dusty pink and dusty pink. Who thinks up these things? lol Well understandable for shading but hope iI identified them right. After that was done I couldn't help myself and i worked on the checkered corner. The green is really a yellow green and it's paired with a cream. It is lovely. I love it. I plan to have this as my home project and work on my table cloth at work. I did work on my table cloth today. I had my thread got tangled up like 5 times and I had to cut the thread and pull out the thread and secure it and start again 3 times. The other times i was able to get out the knots. A couple of times the tread just broke. Not my day on that piece. lol

Work is slow so i was able to do alot but then we had a little rush at 8 pm. Who would of thunk after such a small amount of calls throughout the day.

Well off to bed to read until midnight to wait out the "public service" shows on the radio so i can fall asleep to music. I plan to get up early in the morning to work on "projects".
Hope you had a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I have tried to crochet today. Frustrating.. I could get the first line okay.. but then moving on to the second line i pulled it out 5 times. I just don't understand it right now. I have looked at the videos and looked at still photos. I just can't get it.. Will try again tomorrow.
I even tried to knit.. I can't do that either tonight. I might go buy some nicer yarn. Then i will try again.


My Promised photos..

The first is the items I found at Goodwill. I scored a bargain for the book for 3.99. The second is my completed project from a few posts before and the frame I found for it and the paint I want to paint it.
The third is my threads. Both my threads for my cross stitching and my knitting/crocheting.

Update on projects..

Good Morning ;)
Update on projects. Today i have the day off so i thought i would update you on my projects. Photos to follow later today as i hope the light to be better.
I have finished my Pretty Posies cross stitch pattern. I haven't put the black border on for two reasons. I ran out of the black thread as I used two strands instead of one but i prefer the heaviness of it. Also i wasn't totally sure i wanted it. I plan to frame the work and adding that border would square it up. That is not the look i am going for. I found a frame for 1.99 or was it a dollar at Goodwill. Boy i found a couple of good things there. More on that later. Today I am going to paint the frame with a blue base and then white and then will sand it a little bit. Should be cute.
With the temp job i have now i have time to sew on my table cloth. I have made so much progress. I can not believe i have been working on it for over 10 years. A bit here a bit there but it's so time consuming and it's not even very big. I have finished all the cross stitching round the sides and the center. I just have the red berries to do and the strings of the harp. I am working on the last big section. Yahoo... I probably won't touch it today as what else would i do at work?

I have gotten a new craving. Doing some crocheting. I have been looking on YouTube and Flicker on how to make granny squares. This morning i wrapped into a ball some yarn i used from the family reunion. It's in primary colors that are variegated. I am going to practice using that. It should be fun. Hopefully I pick it up pretty easily.

Quilting you ask. That is always with me but i am taking some time to explore other passions. I have set up my machine on the desk so it won't be hard to remove the few things on there and sew. I just gotta get my fabric out and play with it and start sewing. I will get back to that.

Things i need or want to do.
  1. Buy a DMC floss holder (those plastic containers ) to put my left over thread from my projects.
  2. Buy the 4th season of the quilting show.
  3. Explore cool yarn shops to get an assortment of colors for my granny squares using Attic 24 and Jane Brockett colorways as inspiration. Check out Jane's sock colors.
  4. Just have fun!
  5. Get out pumpkin Amish and start sewing blocks.
  6. Mark my tumbling block chocolate pieces so that it can be my next project at work or should i work on an applique project. Decisions, Decisions.
  7. Should I get a new cross stitch project after the table cloth is done? Something to ponder. If so what would it be?
  8. Make up a needlepoint project and use up the webbing i got. Something in the vein of Kaffe Fassett. Gotta get the holder out of storage.
  9. Take on the world.
  10. Finally find a full time job as the option of not working is not an option financially . lol

Have a great day everyone.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wasted time...

Since i started my temp job - i work noon till 9 at night. I love so many things about it. I am able to sew all day. I am working on my cross stitch Christmas table cloth. I have been working on it forever and i am on the last big part. It is soothing my soul by getting so much sewing done. The answering the phone is not too taxing which is nice. I have met some nice people.

My problem is the mornings. What should i do? The options are limitless but guess what i choose to do. I choose to sleep. I don't need it but you can't make me get up before 9 and today it was 10. It takes me 40 minutes tops to do my morning - make myself beautiful and get ready for work routine. lol... so what else is there? not enough time to watch a movie. I guess i could read but that makes me sleepy. I am sewing all day so that is not needed to be done right now. Look for a regular job i suppose but i get distracted on the Internet. I could play my games. but it just wants me to snuggle under the covers. I can't paint in the house on my new pitchure frame and it's been raining lately. I could go to the gym to lose that weight. But the motivation is just not there.. i worry that it will never be there.

I am very blessed that this is my biggest dilemma. Maybe in a way i am fighting a bit of down in the dumps situation... I know.. I could blog. I could write that book i have wanted to write. I could ... i could.. i could.... see so many possibilities..

well it's almost time to leave and i have to dry my hair... i get to sew with the color blue today.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

another idea name...

I found it on my new project..
Jolis petits bouquets de fleurs des champs. or pretty posies.. I never knew i would be so attracted to french words and i am so excited my mojo is back.

A new project

I am in the mood to do needle work. I found this little project in my stash. I was going to work it during the summer but i didn't have a small enough hoop. I then got distracted by my new toys, my pin cushions and looking for a job. Well now i have a temp job so my time is a little b it more free and i have reached the deadline for the bazaar.. I have done just a bit and can't decide if should use my glasses. I can't tell if it helps.
Off to do my needle work and listen to pod casts.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I reached the deadline!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back to work. It's a temp job having to do with the N1H1 virus but it's something to do for money over the holidays and it might get my foot in the door.
Needless to say I won't be able to attend the bazaar at my local church that I was helping my friend out. I now work weekends and noon to 9. After 20 years working 8-5 and weekdays it should be interesting.

So what was the deadline? It was making my pin cushions. I have posted a few i did at the beginning. I ended up doing 52. Well really 55 but the first two i made are not decent to sell and the third extra one is not up to par either so i keep that one for my Xmas needlepoint project bag.
Here is the box of them. I just love how they look. All 52 of them put in a photo box. And a few of the last ones i did. I even took a video of them by mistake.. but it gives you a view of the whole box. I might have to post more of these videos. It was fun.

Even though it wasn't a huge pressure it felt like i had to get them done. I didn't know how many to do and it felt like i was working on them all the time but only having 50 done I guess not. I definitely got faster as the weeks went by but they still take time. We will see if they sell at all. I might have 49 by the end of Saturday. lol

So what is my next project you ask? I don't know.. but i think i hear the gym calling my name. Too much Halloween candy. lol

Ta Ta!!!