My Wishes and Dreams List ....

This is my wish list just like a bucket list but so much more.  I will be adding to it as I discover or rediscover things that I wish or dream of.  My needs are very small but my wishes can be huge and my dreams even bigger.  I read somewhere if you write them down and think about them that they will come true. Now living out on my own so I have so many more dreams.  So here we go......
  1. Finish my cross stitch table cloth  done in 6/10 after over 15 years.
  2. Get an apartment.  This is a goal for 2012.   Accomplished July 2012
  3. Quilt a quilt by hand
  4. Build a doll house (it has been found in storage - and now is waiting to be built)
  5. Go to New York again and see it not as a tourist. 
  6. Visit London and have Fish and Chips in newspaper
  7. Visit Paris and buy a loaf of bread at an open air market.
  8. Write a book  (have written a bit of an outline now just have to actually write)
  9. Finish the two needlepoint pillows I have to "practice" on. (have finished one)
  10. Design a needlepoint pattern in the flavor of Kaffee Fassett
  11. Complete a needlepoint of my initials ... 
  12. Design an original embroidery pattern to use on pillow cases I find at the thrift store. (Accomplished - not good at all but done)
  13. Write a "craft" book..   either quilting, needlepoint, cross-stitch or embroidery or some form of all of the above.
  14. Design fabric line
  15. Take a Photoshop class
  16. Get a digital 35 millimeter camera
  17. Interior Decorate something
  18. Get a Masters degree ...  in ????
  19. Live life to it's fullest.
  20. Live near water.
  21. Become debt free..  even that loan I never have to pay back.
  22. Slipcover orange chair (gave chair to my brother when I moved into my apartment)
  23. Slipcover grandma's loveseat  (Purchased a king size sheet and have covered the loveseat. Now just have to sew it.)
  24. Sew slipcover that is laid over loveseat.
  25. ?????