Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 – Word of the Year


In 2011 I started to find a word that I could  use to incorporate into my life.   Last year I was a bit late in choosing it but I found the word of Encompassing. while I was posting daily going through the alphabet.  I will be return to summarizing my year in but let me first tell you my word for 2012.

My Word of the Year for 2012 is Intentions.    This word was sparked  by reading the book Mastering Life’s Energies – Simple Steps to a Luminous Life at Work and Play by Maria Nemeth, PhD.    The line that inspired me was from page 39.                       

“I use the word intention in a specific way: intentions are the purposes or aims that lie in our hearts and give us a sense of meaning.”

The book goes on to say how instead of resolutions you should set intentions of how you want to live your life and then set goals to reach the intentions.  An example they use in the book is 

Life’s Intention: To be a creator of beauty.  Goal:  I plant a rose garden.

In some  ways i am still I am trying to figure out who I want to be (or should I say pinpoint who I want to be) and setting intentions is better than resolutions. Intentions don't have the guilt trip if you stumble and are more of a way of life. I am still working on what those intentions are and have not even started the goals but I will be taking the month of January to really think about it.


I have thought of a few ideas so I will put them down here so I remember them.

Intention – Be Queen of my own Home!                                    

Intention – Make beautiful Quilts!

Now for a review of my last years Word of the Year.  My word was Encompassing.  I found my word when I was looking at my personal mission statement.  To quote:

I want to be a women who passionately lives life to it’s fullest while encompassing love, laughter, creativity and inspiration in whichever way life leads me.

I think i did encompass all of the things i listed and more.   I had an awesome year.  The biggest part is I have been happy.  I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I can look back on the past year and say I was happy through the majority of the year.   I like where I am right now.  I feel creative, I feel appreciated both and work and with my friends. I feel like I have found a path a can journey along again.  For a couple of years I felt lost with no direction in many aspects in my life.   I haven’t had any major curveballs thrown at me this year and for that I am grateful.  I have lost weight.  Almost 45 lbs ( just don’t ask me about Christmas week  :-) )    I have signed up for another BOM and have gotten all of my Quilt UFO’s in order.    Encompass has been a good word for me.


What do you think your word will be?

Thursday, December 29, 2011

UFO Challenge 2012

I have decided to get organized with my UFO’s.  I pulled them out of my closet to catalog them  on and listing them here in no particular order.  I have each on in an ArtBin box.  They are the bomb.   I went through and put in a sheet with it’s working name, a sheet where i could write down the progress of each row or month if it called for it and tried to put everything pertaining to the box.     As i pull them out I will inventory it and see where I am in the process what i have to do get each one done.
This list is a work in progress and I will be updating as I go along.   I am also going to try the UFO challenge from Patchwork Times.   I can’t guarantee I will finish them all but it’s a great goal.
#1.  2003  Floral $5.00 Monthly Quilt from Quilting Delights.    I did not participate in this monthly quilt but  I found all the parts in the sale room at Quilting Delights for one third the price and I picked it up.  It has a country feel.   I don’t have finishing instructions  but have fabric for each of the 12 months.   I don’t have a photo of it right now but will take some of the fabric when i open it up.

#2. 2006  Row By Row Quilt  April 2006 – photo of row quiltOctober 2006. Heart to Hand     This has 7 rows.    I have done the first row but got stuck on the second one on how to do the sailboats.  I am just going to do it  like the pattern says so i can complete it. 

#3.  Kaleidoscope of Kolor  2008 BOM Quilting Delights - Dot’s version  Below is a photo of how this BOM should look.    My version is a deep pumpkin color, which is in the second photo.  
leidoscope of kolor DSC01121

#4. Kaleidoscope of Kolor   2008 BOM Quilting Delights -  Pat’s version  My friend Pat did this BOM with me.  She loved her background in the beginning but as the months went on she got busier and didn’t finish it and by the end of the year she wasn’t so in love with the fabric.  When she moved to Tennessee she gave me her quilt to finish up. 

5.  2006 June Block of the Month Exchange   A Fathers Journey  Heart to Hand   securedownload   When i was dong the Dotty BOM at the shop Heart to Hand they had a monthly exchange where many people turned in blocks and they drew names. I have reworked the blocks and added more and here is where I am at.

#6. Cherry Hill Sampler panel   cherry Hill Sampler I bought this panel at a quilt shop because i loved the flavor of it.  I have gotten it out a bunch of times to try to design a quilt and keep getting stumped.  Today I found a pattern on the internet that might just help me as a starting off point.

 and purple Pink Roses and Purple Quilt.    I started this one out as a table runner for a class I took.  I didn’t like how it was  turning out so I changed it to be a small quilt  I am in the midst of working on converting it to 16 squares. 

#8.  Kenny’s quilt   and figure out fabric for Tass’s quilt.   I made a quilt for my oldest nephew and niece.  I now have to make one for my two youngest .  I have the fabric for the boy.  HANGING QUILTSBut in looking at them it might work for the girl.  I will now have to find material for another one –   I will make this one and then decide who to give it to once i find the fabric for the second one.   Here is a really bad photo of the first two. I have learned so much working with my camera since then. Its a pattern of my own design. 

#9.  Mary Engelbreit Baskets of Flowers Panel from 2008   I have some coordinating fabric to go with it.  I found these photos of the panel on the internet so you can see what they look like.  I think i am going to make a pillow for my couch on with the tree bottom squares.
ME basket of flowers panel Emmaquiltback

#10.   2012 Block of the Month – Quilting Delights.   2012 quilt BOM I am currently participating in this and doing it in a red color way.  So this one is ongoing and actually hope to have it done at the end of the year.

#11.  Complete any flimsy to a full quilt
#12.  Complete any flimsy to a full quilt

Monday, November 7, 2011

Something to think about......

We all struggle day to day in figuring out what makes us tick.  Below are questions we can ask ourselves to make sure what we are doing is what we want to be doing.  

1.What are you passionate about?

2.When you wake up what do you wish you could be doing?

3.How do you want to spend your time?

4.What REALLY turns you on?

5.What’s fun for you and not work?

6.What activities do you like to do?

7.What gives you a sense of fulfillment?

I found these questions from a blog. who is asking herself these questions she found in an article in the Costco magazine.  It's always interesting on where a person gets their inspiration for change.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What I made sitting on the porch!

I took the day off on Friday to have a long 4 day weekend.  Everyone needs one of those once in a while.   I went out with my friend Kim.  She does scrap booking, holds the title of a ceramic maker proudly and is a fantastic cook.  She is the one I took the cake decorating classes with.  She is a great inspiration for my crafty goodness. She is currently into making dog collars and leashes.  She can do anything she sets her mind to and does it well.   Our styles are so different but I let her passion for crafts motivate me.

We went out to lunch on Friday and then we were off to the Quilt stores.   First was Quilting Delights where I signed up for the 5.00 block of the month that is now costing 135.00.   I wrote about it in my last post - so check it out.  I have been going there about 8 years I think.  On and off.   I first heard about the store from a temp that worked in my office for 2 days.  That's when I signed up for my first Block of the Month and it really got me back into quilting.  I never saw that temp again.. So i always have thought of her as a guardian angle.  The store has 30's prints, bright colors, and big quilts.There is a lot to choose from of a wide space.

Then on to Pioneer Quilts.   A totally different store then the first.  It's small and cozy and is full of wool patterns and quilts, some Kaffee Fasset bolts and civil war prints.  This is the store I found the Farmer Wives book way before the quilt-along blazed a trail through the Internet. I was looking at their classes and they have a group that meet monthly to work on wool quilts.  I might just have to look into that. 

While we were there I picked up a pattern for a cute pattern to store my sewing tools when traveling or whatever.   After stopping at Joanne's to pick up some batting, Kim and I went home to sit on the poach enjoying the beautiful day  and spent the  rest of the afternoon  sewing up the pattern.  We alternated between talking outside and going inside and sewing on her Brother Embroidery Machine.  I loved it.  I want one.  ;-)   Now if I only had enough money for everything I want.   That's another blog post.
Here are photos of my attempts.  We gave our selves new names.  Stupid 1 and stupid 2.   lol    We shared the sewing machine but were using different colored thread so we took turns.  Well I got to the completed stage first and when I went to turn it inside out guess what happened?   This:
Yup,  I  sewed it inside out.  All of the pockets were on the inside. So then there was a lot of this going on.

Yup ripping.    But I reread the directions and then this happened.

Yes.  a completed carrier!!!!  ;-)   It has 3 pockets and flap that comes over the top.
When my friend tried turning hers out the first time she thought she made the same mistake but it turns out she just had the pocket turned inside out and once she fixed that it came out awesome.  Forgot to take a photo of heres.  When mine  was completed it just felt like it was missing something.  What I did then was play with my friends machine.  I got into some of her cute stitches and ending up putting a half circle bunting  stitch on the front of the flap.  The perfect touch.
We then looked around her stash and found some neat fabric and we made another one. By the time we were done with that one it was dark.  So no photos of those.  Good thing to - because I was trying to be fancy on the stitching and guess what.  Yup..  back to the seam ripper.  So I will post the completed on another day.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What I will be doing monthly for the next year.

Well I did it.  i went over to Quilting Delights and signed up for their Block of the Month that starts in Nov.   

The store  goes back and forth between a quilt the shop owner designs and one they get through Maywood Studio’s.   This year it is through Maywood Studio.  The quilt is below and we have 4 color options. 


memories of provence2-Black


The first is in black and pinks and whites that has long stemmed pink roses and black backgrounds.  I have tried to find photos of it but I can’t find a photo out on the web and i can’t remember the name of the line.   The next three are color variations of the  Memories of Provence line.  The color ways we had were black, red and blue.     In the photo below  its the second,, third and fourth in the stack to the left.


I chose the


of the Memories of Provence line.  It just spoke to me.  I am so excited.



Here is a  blog that describes another blogger  starting the quilt.  That is where I also got the 2 photos above.  Thank you Open Gate Quilt Blog.   I had trouble getting on the Maywood Studio website so I used the two I found.  Dang virus protectors.


It’s been  2  or 3 years (or has it been more?) since I have participated in a Block of the Month.  i did get a little burned out but I also was at a time in my life with school full time,  graduation, then losing my job, having no money, looking for a job and then finding one but trying to impress the company so I would get hired on from my temp status that I didn’t sign up for one.   

I start on Nov 10th but the store said that in a few weeks I will be getting the fabric and a cutting list so i can set up my little packets for each month with all my cut up fabric.   I can’t wait!

Today I also bought a cool pattern and made a cool little satchel to hold sewing supplies.  I will update you soon.

Have a wonderful day.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


needlework by Tadlafleur
needlework, a photo by Tadlafleur on Flickr.
designing a peice.. i hope to have a series using my initals.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kaffe Fassett

I love this designer... In fact it is a connection with my Aunt. When she died my brother and sister gave me her knitting statsh. In it I found articles on Kaffe from the 80's when she lived in the San Fransico area.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sunday note.

Things are going on in my life...

I am house sitting again. 3 minutes from work. It is so nice to leave work at 3:30 and be sitting on the couch working on my needlepoint by 3:45.

I have made great strides on this lately. I am on the bottom 3rd. Of that portion the two corners are a light apple green and white check. I have finished one corner and just have the white checks to finish on the other side. Still have the middle portion to finish. I feel so soothed when I stitch and it makes me think of my aunts  (my fathers sisters) who are great needle workers. I am so excited to start my next project when I am done.

I finished my cake decorating class Here is the final product. 0522111609[1]

Do I love it? No. I don’t like the size of the cake I used, it didn’t turn out like I had it in my head and I had so much trouble baking 0522111609bit. I made it in the kitchen I am house sitting at. Let me tell you there is nothing like missing your own kitchen. I had to make two versions. The first one had one disaster after another. First I couldn’t not find any oil or Pam to put in the pan so I gave up and made it anyway. In checking it when the timer went off I discovered I had turned the oven off and had to cook it longer. When it tried to get it out of the pan it fell apart and half of it stuck to the bottom of the pan. On the second one I decided to use butter to powder it with the flour I finally found but it turns out it was rice flour and I lost one of the ends when I took it out of the pan. But as I told them in class I was learning – and I learned so much.


This is my friends cake. It turned out awesome. She went ahead and made one out of the book. Of course perfection.


We have signed up for the next class.

The Flowers and Cake Design class.

We will see how it go’s.

I have been watching some good series lately…

Watched october road 
In the middle of commander_chief

And just started one tree hill and have on the shelf north-and-south

I am reading ladybug farm

and also found another series in which I have read the first one.
 stealing home

Still working on collecting all of the DMC threads and working on my design books. Quilting is not at the forefront on being worked on but it’s never far from my mind.

Well it’s getting late and I will update you again soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My library adventures

In one of my quests to save Money and to also quench my thirst for books I take advantage of the Multnomah County Library.  The have many branches and it is one of the most used libraries in the nation.  I have intersts in a wide circle of things.    Currently I have 28 book/things checked out and I have 11 items on hold.
Today I will be returning a few:  Let me list them.
  1. A Knitter’s Home Companion – A heartwarming collection of stories, patterns and recipes by Michelle Edwards
  2. I Remember Nothing – and other Reflections by Nora Ephron
  3. Hook, Loop and Lock – create fun and easy locker hooked project by Theresa Pulido
  4. The Vintage Home – Clever finds and faded treasures for today’s chic living by Judith Wilson
  5. The Pioneer Woman Cooks – Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl by Ree Drummond
  6. Shed Chic – Outdoor Buildings for Work,  Rest and Play  by Sally Coulthard
  7. Brava Valentine – a novel (audio book) by Adriana Trigiani
  8. ReKindled (audio book) by Tamera Alexander
  9. October Road  The complete first season
  10. Run Fatboy Run
  11. A Wrinkle in Time (2003 Disney)
  12. Little Big Town by Little Big Town
  13. Stripped by Christina Aguilera
  14. Corinne Bailey Rae by Corinne Bailey Rae
The things i have checked out that I still have in a pile next to my bed are:
  1. Summer of the midnight sun by Tracie Peterson
  2. Whispers of Winter by Tracie Peterson
  3. A summer in the Country by Marcia Willett 
  4. A week in winter by Marcia Willett  (halfway through)
  5. Big Stone Gap (Audio Book) by Adriana Trigiani   only have a few cd’s left to listen to on the commute
  6. Commander in Chief.  Part 1  (DVD)
  7. The big book of cross-stitch designs: over 900 simple to stitch decorative motifs
  8. Crating a home by Kathryn M Ireland
  9. Sister Parish Design: on Decorating   by Susan Bartlett Carter and Libby Cameron   ( I love Sister Parish – she is so into chintz.)
  10. Color schemes for the flower garden by Gertrude Jekyll  - thought it would help on color theory.
  11. October Road:  The complete second season  (DVD)
  12. Live by Design:  6 steps to an extraordinary you by Tom Ferry with Laura Morton   I am pouring over this one as it is hitting home with me and plan to work with it some more.
  13. Gunn’s golden rules:  life’s little lessons form making it work by Tim Gunn, with Ada Calhoun
  14. Thrifty chic: interior style on a Shoestring by  Liz Bauwens and Alesxandra Campbell

Currently I have 11 on hold with two ready to pick up.
  1. Drawling lab for mixed-media artists: 52 creative exercises to make drawing fun by Carla Sonheim
  2. North and South.  The complete collection (DVD)
  3. Big Love.  The complete fourth season.   87 out of 297 on hold
  4. The Kids are all Right (DVD) 19 out of 207 on hold
  5. The book of Stillmeadow   1 of 2 on hold
  6. Doo-wops & hooligans by Bruno Mars  188 of 240 on hold (have had on hold since March and I am only up to 188)
  7. Once and again: The complete second season   1 of 1 holds but on it’s way
  8. Big Cherry Holler – A Big Stone Gap novel by Adriana Trigiani 1 of 1 holds but on it’s way
  9. A wrinkle in time  (audio book) by Madeleine L”Engle   4 of 4 holds
  10. One Tree Hill.  The complete first season.    1 of 1 holds but on it’s way
  11. A year on Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball  1 of 1 holds

Mamma Mia

MammaMia00 I am going in Aug to see this with my Mamma, my friend Rob and his mamma and sister.    Rob and I saw this on Broadway and have seen the movie lots of times.  I also have both the  soundtrack for both the movie and the London production.

Cake Class

I am takig a fondant and gum cake class. Yesterday I went over to my friend Kim’s house to make our “flowers” for our final project. Below is what I made. I didn’t have a set plan when I started but it all came together – I think. I looked at a couple of choices that they listed in the back of the class book and I started from there. I didn’t “love” anything so I took bit’s and peices from all the designs. I was first making circles with circles cut out and then I moved on to the flowers. Then I added the leaves. I don’t know what I am going to do with the little balls as I had one idea of putting them all around the edges but I don’t know.

My pink is not what i wanted. I wanted more of a red. I wanted to do a red and aqua colored cake. I couldn’t get the colors deep enough. For the purple/blue I tried to match the colors on her kitchen wall. I kept holding it up to her wall. She was giggling at me. She painted her house from the colors from the Disney line. She is a Disney fanatic.

I have made too many pieces but I wanted choices. I still don’t know how it’s going to be decorated but I will post photos when i am done.

While we were doing this we made Cinnamon rolls from scratch. YUM YUM! She is such a creative and crafty person. She gives me so much inspiration. Our tastes are not the same but her continuous effort at cooking, crafting, thinking up new ideas motivates me to push my self. I say all the time I want to do this, or that and never get around to it. She says it and the next thing i know is we are doing it. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A romantic vision.

I stayed up all night watching the wedding. I was in love with the way she looked in the blush veil. I was reading blogs on Friday and someone said that the dress reminded her of Marie from the movie Sound of Music - I can see that. I can also see how it reminds them of Princess Grace. Two grand ladies to be compared to. What do you think?

I liked watching the pageantry and the tradition. I loved it.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sorry I have been gone so long.....

Did you wonder what happened? I just got unmotivated. I was house sitting and posting daily felt more like a job then a creative movement, I got behind and then I just stopped. I have been in an uncreative state for a while as I was working lot's of overtime but it has settled down. What a wonderful thing it is only working 40 hours a week is again.

Lot's has happened since January.

I got hired on at the company I have been temping for. I start on Monday. I am making the most money I have ever made since 2001. For some people it's not enough but for me it's a nice treat and an accomplishment. I have either been unemployed or working a temp job with no benefits for two years. I will have to get use to being paid only twice a month now. That will be odd and will have to reshift how I pay bills.  At my prior job i got paid every other Friday. It was like that for almost 7 years.

I have decided to buy every color in the DMC embroidery line. I have about 1/3. It is so fun looking at all the colors in my plastic thread holders. I will take a photo and post my collection but here is a sneak peek of one i found on the Internet.

In looking for the above photo I stumbled across this awesome craft idea...

What else?

I want to decorate. It's a combination of a romantic country, shabby chic, lots of flowers and wood and white and color and soft lines with strong lines ... They say the more you put it out in the atmosphere the more you will get it. These are a few of the looks I love.

I am taking a class on fondant and gum paste at my local Michael's. It's beyond fun. It's awesome. I made a beautiful rose. I took photos so I will post soon.

Won't be so long between posts!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

L – Day 12

Today I was thinking of words that start with L.  I was blank.  My coworker came up with love.  That’s a good one.  Then after coming back from lunch…  it hit me lunch.   I should have taken a photo of my lunch but it wasn’t that memorable. Then I looked at my mission statement which I have posted on my wall at work.
It made me think of laughter and life.  To enjoy life.   But those weren’t the right words either but reading the statement with a new slant got me thinking.  I still haven’t picked a word to live by this year.   I think I have found it.  Encompass.    I wrote this mission statement my first full year at Portland State.   A good friend helped me but through the bull***t to really figure out what I want to be.  As I have been living life I have really tried to remember who I want to be.   I have tried to live with passion, to  laugh, to be creative especially through my struggles in the last few years – good and bad.  I am finally in a good place I hope and I know that the words above have helped me.

Back to my L word.  I think the word for today is lists.  I am not normally a list person, I make a list for special dinners and for trips but I don’t live my life by lists but I am finding I do in one area.    I have made lists of books I read, books I want to read, movies i have watched and ones that look good to view.  A couple of years ago a friend ( the same one who helped me with my mission statement) told me how he keeps track of  the books he has read in a little notebook.  That seemed so intriguing that I decided to do it.  I went to a book store and found a journal that had quotes from Jane Austen and little drawings of the era.  I loved it.  Since then I have kept of all books I have read.  It’s so cool to go back and look at how many I have read in the last 4 years or so.  I have also started an excel spreadsheet of  authors and all the books they have written to help me keep track.  I have many many on there.  I love going through and checking off ones i have read and ones I can search for.  Another L word. Love.  I love it!!!!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

J – Day 10

I own a blue corduroy jacket.  I have had it for a long time.  It is just heavy enough to wear when it’s cold and light enough when it’s in the 40’s or 50’s.  It is a casual jacket but I love it.  It is like an oversized shirt but is a very comfy corduroy. It has worn very well over the years.
I remember being out shopping with my friend Sherry.  We went to the Dress Barn and I saw  a wall of jacket’s that I fell in love with but I was short on money that month.  She was such a dear friend and bought it for me.  This was at least 15 years ago.
It is very simple in style and I am always wanting to jazz it up a little and add embroidery on to it but I have never figured out what I want.  I wear it to work a lot so I don’t want it to casual but I would like to make it a unique piece.  Also I don’t have an embroidery machine so I would be doing it myself and I don’t know if I could do it as professional as I would like.   Also what would I put on it?   Something  that wouldn’t go out of style would be my first thought.  I would probably put flowers on it.  The next question is which one?
flower 1flowers 4   flower 2flower 3

I like the 4 above.  The first two could be cool.  The third is so like my own drawings but I think would be too plain.   The fourth one just intrigued me.
What color would  I do it in?  One color or many colors?   This is why I haven’t done it.  Too many choices and afraid I wouldn’t like it once I made a decision.

I – Day 9

Sunday was so busy.  I headed home and took down all of the Christmas decorations and put them in the corner until next weekend.  I then  went out to dinner and a movie with my sweetie.  We had the lightest battered fish and chips and then then went and saw True Grit.  Both of us have seen the original but we don’t remember much but a few scenes.  In watching the new version ( which we both liked) it would seem familiar but then not.  Needless I didn’t get to post so I am posting tonight.
I don’t know what to reflect on for I.  I tried looking up words for I on Google and I found the following which I thought was interesting.

20 Adjectives that Start with "I"

  1. Idiotic- selling your friends bogus stocks in an attempt to make money to cover up bad investments.
  2. Immoral- see above
  3. Indigenous- native to a certain area.
  4. Illogical
  5. Irrelevant- not pertinent, like mentioning Pokemon during a golf game.
  6. Indigo- the color on the electromagnetic spectrum between 420 and 450 degrees in wavelength, placing it between purple and blue.
  7. Improper
  8. Icy
  9. Irreconcilable- differing beliefs that cannot be brought to agreement.
  10. Inferior- lower in rank.
  11. Impeccable
  12. Intelligent
  13. Inert- unable to move, like a rock right before it is thrown into a river. Does it begin or end its journey?
  14. Incredible
  15. Interesting
  16. Infernal is like all things that are of the netherworld of the dead, hellish, like small child howling in a nice restaurant.
  17. Irate describes someone who is really, really, really, mad.
  18. Ironic - meaning the opposite of what is expressed.
  19. Integral- something upon which all other components are based.
  20. Inconceivable describes something that cannot be imagined by natural means.

I like the examples.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

H – Day 8


For some reason I thought that the letter was F today.  So I took a photo of the fireplace.   But I think that House-sitting will suffice.
I am house-sitting for the next 10 days.  Today I sat in front of the fire and watched a repeats of Project Runway. I admit I might have dozed for a bit.  The house-sitting has turned into a nice way to make a little bit of money to pay for getting my hair done or that unexpected bill.