Checking in...

It has been forever since i have posted. I have been laid off again so I am busy looking for the dream job. We have had another death in the family so I am helping mom in her part of it. My car went into the shop for over a week and had major, I mean major work done. Too bad my car isn't the one above but I can dream can't I. It sure made me appreciate the freedom my car gives me.
This weekend I am house sitting and I am working on my tablecloth and watching tv shows On Demand.
I brought myself up to date on
The Good Wife,
9 by Design,
and watched the western Broken Trail.
I have always loved Robert Durval and I was excited to see Thomas Hayden Church. I didn't know it was a true story so will need to research more on that. I missed one of the episodes from The Good Wife but I was easily able to catch up. I missed the episode or episodes when the husband comes home and she has her "moment" with her boss. I had forgotten it was back on after it's break so I love the fact I am able to catch up. 9 by Design is a new show on Bravo and I loved the mixture of design and family but the show makes it seem like they plan more then they work but that could be just how they cut the episodes. I will keep tuning into both of these shows.
I am also excited on the progress I have made on my tablecloth after working on it for so many hours yesterday. As of this moment I have to cross stitch the last color on 3 holly's, finish two more holly leaves, finish some lettering and then all I have left is the berries. There are quite a few of them but it should take no time at all. I left them til the end as I wasn't sure how the stitch was done but I have since learned it and it is easy as pie. Another UFO accomplished.
Have a wonderful Sunday.