Mojo is back..

I started this as a quilting blog but I have not been doing much quilting since I was laid off last year. You would think with all the time off I would be doing one a week or once a week but I have been focusing on finding that job.. which is a job in itself and haven't taken the time to get any of them out.
Today I wanted to sew. I am going to participate in another bazaar in the fall. Maybe this time I will get some things done and not disappoint my friend. So today I devoted to cutting the project. .
I cut out the piece of fabric I need for one project from a fat quarter. I had 19 fat quarters that I got in the clearance bin from a quilt shop on the West Side. Then I got ambitious. I decided to cut up the left overs into blocks of 4X4 and rectangles of 3X6. I even got a couple of 3X3's due to misreads of the ruler. lol I don't have a plan for them but I am going to set up containers holding them and continue to do this with leftovers.

Below are photos of the process.

The stack of fat quarters.

The cutting.

The squares and rectangles.

For my project.

I have also started a label for another quilt I did a long time ago. I like to embroider my labels. This quilt has a yellow tulip in the middle that I got as a kit at a local shop that is no longer open. I then did a piano border surrounding it with scraps that I had from the 80's and other scraps from other quilts. I then took that completed square to the Sisters Quilt Festival and found the green border. I love it and had it hanging for many years in my cube at work. I decided to call it the Golden Empress after the yellow tulip. (side note to myself... that could be a good title for something lol) I made the quilt around 2000 but I can't remember when and I am just now getting the label done. Bad quilter.
I am still continuing to work on my needlepoint pillow. Here is a shot of the yarn.

That is what I was working on today. It felt so good. I need to do it more. Happy Quilting.


Suzy said…
Just keep pushing, one step at a time and you'll get'er done!