Sorry I have been gone so long.....

Did you wonder what happened? I just got unmotivated. I was house sitting and posting daily felt more like a job then a creative movement, I got behind and then I just stopped. I have been in an uncreative state for a while as I was working lot's of overtime but it has settled down. What a wonderful thing it is only working 40 hours a week is again.

Lot's has happened since January.

I got hired on at the company I have been temping for. I start on Monday. I am making the most money I have ever made since 2001. For some people it's not enough but for me it's a nice treat and an accomplishment. I have either been unemployed or working a temp job with no benefits for two years. I will have to get use to being paid only twice a month now. That will be odd and will have to reshift how I pay bills.  At my prior job i got paid every other Friday. It was like that for almost 7 years.

I have decided to buy every color in the DMC embroidery line. I have about 1/3. It is so fun looking at all the colors in my plastic thread holders. I will take a photo and post my collection but here is a sneak peek of one i found on the Internet.

In looking for the above photo I stumbled across this awesome craft idea...

What else?

I want to decorate. It's a combination of a romantic country, shabby chic, lots of flowers and wood and white and color and soft lines with strong lines ... They say the more you put it out in the atmosphere the more you will get it. These are a few of the looks I love.

I am taking a class on fondant and gum paste at my local Michael's. It's beyond fun. It's awesome. I made a beautiful rose. I took photos so I will post soon.

Won't be so long between posts!!!!