What I will be doing monthly for the next year.

Well I did it.  i went over to Quilting Delights and signed up for their Block of the Month that starts in Nov.   

The store  goes back and forth between a quilt the shop owner designs and one they get through Maywood Studio’s.   This year it is through Maywood Studio.  The quilt is below and we have 4 color options. 


memories of provence2-Black


The first is in black and pinks and whites that has long stemmed pink roses and black backgrounds.  I have tried to find photos of it but I can’t find a photo out on the web and i can’t remember the name of the line.   The next three are color variations of the  Memories of Provence line.  The color ways we had were black, red and blue.     In the photo below  its the second,, third and fourth in the stack to the left.


I chose the


of the Memories of Provence line.  It just spoke to me.  I am so excited.



Here is a  blog that describes another blogger  starting the quilt.  That is where I also got the 2 photos above.  Thank you Open Gate Quilt Blog.   I had trouble getting on the Maywood Studio website so I used the two I found.  Dang virus protectors.


It’s been  2  or 3 years (or has it been more?) since I have participated in a Block of the Month.  i did get a little burned out but I also was at a time in my life with school full time,  graduation, then losing my job, having no money, looking for a job and then finding one but trying to impress the company so I would get hired on from my temp status that I didn’t sign up for one.   

I start on Nov 10th but the store said that in a few weeks I will be getting the fabric and a cutting list so i can set up my little packets for each month with all my cut up fabric.   I can’t wait!

Today I also bought a cool pattern and made a cool little satchel to hold sewing supplies.  I will update you soon.

Have a wonderful day.