UFO Challenge 2012

I have decided to get organized with my UFO’s.  I pulled them out of my closet to catalog them  on and listing them here in no particular order.  I have each on in an ArtBin box.  They are the bomb.   I went through and put in a sheet with it’s working name, a sheet where i could write down the progress of each row or month if it called for it and tried to put everything pertaining to the box.     As i pull them out I will inventory it and see where I am in the process what i have to do get each one done.
This list is a work in progress and I will be updating as I go along.   I am also going to try the UFO challenge from Patchwork Times.   I can’t guarantee I will finish them all but it’s a great goal.
#1.  2003  Floral $5.00 Monthly Quilt from Quilting Delights.    I did not participate in this monthly quilt but  I found all the parts in the sale room at Quilting Delights for one third the price and I picked it up.  It has a country feel.   I don’t have finishing instructions  but have fabric for each of the 12 months.   I don’t have a photo of it right now but will take some of the fabric when i open it up.

#2. 2006  Row By Row Quilt  April 2006 – photo of row quiltOctober 2006. Heart to Hand     This has 7 rows.    I have done the first row but got stuck on the second one on how to do the sailboats.  I am just going to do it  like the pattern says so i can complete it. 

#3.  Kaleidoscope of Kolor  2008 BOM Quilting Delights - Dot’s version  Below is a photo of how this BOM should look.    My version is a deep pumpkin color, which is in the second photo.  
leidoscope of kolor DSC01121

#4. Kaleidoscope of Kolor   2008 BOM Quilting Delights -  Pat’s version  My friend Pat did this BOM with me.  She loved her background in the beginning but as the months went on she got busier and didn’t finish it and by the end of the year she wasn’t so in love with the fabric.  When she moved to Tennessee she gave me her quilt to finish up. 

5.  2006 June Block of the Month Exchange   A Fathers Journey  Heart to Hand   securedownload   When i was dong the Dotty BOM at the shop Heart to Hand they had a monthly exchange where many people turned in blocks and they drew names. I have reworked the blocks and added more and here is where I am at.

#6. Cherry Hill Sampler panel   cherry Hill Sampler I bought this panel at a quilt shop because i loved the flavor of it.  I have gotten it out a bunch of times to try to design a quilt and keep getting stumped.  Today I found a pattern on the internet that might just help me as a starting off point.

#7.pink and purple Pink Roses and Purple Quilt.    I started this one out as a table runner for a class I took.  I didn’t like how it was  turning out so I changed it to be a small quilt  I am in the midst of working on converting it to 16 squares. 

#8.  Kenny’s quilt   and figure out fabric for Tass’s quilt.   I made a quilt for my oldest nephew and niece.  I now have to make one for my two youngest .  I have the fabric for the boy.  HANGING QUILTSBut in looking at them it might work for the girl.  I will now have to find material for another one –   I will make this one and then decide who to give it to once i find the fabric for the second one.   Here is a really bad photo of the first two. I have learned so much working with my camera since then. Its a pattern of my own design. 

#9.  Mary Engelbreit Baskets of Flowers Panel from 2008   I have some coordinating fabric to go with it.  I found these photos of the panel on the internet so you can see what they look like.  I think i am going to make a pillow for my couch on with the tree bottom squares.
ME basket of flowers panel Emmaquiltback

#10.   2012 Block of the Month – Quilting Delights.   2012 quilt BOM I am currently participating in this and doing it in a red color way.  So this one is ongoing and actually hope to have it done at the end of the year.

#11.  Complete any flimsy to a full quilt
#12.  Complete any flimsy to a full quilt


Anne said…
Your projects look great. Good luck!
ScienceMel said…
Hiya. Your projects look wonderful, I was wondering if you still had the pattern or knew were I could get the pattern for #2? I just love the design. =) Best wishes, Melinda
Science Mel - I do have a copy of it if you would like one. Email me at tadlafleur@gmail.com
ScienceMel said…
How are the projects coming...? Thank you for the pattern. It arrived right as I was leaving for an extended business trip but I was ever so delighted when it got here. Hope you are well. Best wishes.