February UFO.

My birthday was a downer day this year  but my week  definitely got better.    On Wed the 1st – Judy at the Patchwork Times picked a new UFO.  This month she picked #1  For me this is the  Floral $5.00 Monthly Quilt from Quilting Delights.   I have not started this at all so I am really going to have to buckle down and work on it.  I still didn’t get photos' but I promise they will come.
In fact I started to work on this weekend along with my Provence quilt.  I pulled the both out to start cutting and then I got distracted.   I knew with the Provence quilt I should pull some fabrics to use as practice for the 12 squares.  I then started looking through my stash which lead me to pull everything out of my closet and reorganize.    I was happy I did.  I found a couple of things I couldn’t find.
No photos' today but in organizing my stash I was thinking about ways I want my future craft room to be.
studio 2
From Pinterest    http://lifeinmystudio.blogspot.com/

via Country Living
Another  exciting project I found was listing to Mark Lipinski's – Creative  Mojo.   I am a few radio podcasts behind but I was listing to one from the Spring of 2011.   They started talking about doll houses. ( This is another area I want to explore – in fact I think I have one  in my storage but that fascination is for another post. )     They started talking about needle pointing rugs for doll houses.  I got so excited and I immediately got on line and ordered a kit for one from  Janet Granger via  Rose Cottage in Staffordshire England.  The package arrived today with 4 stamps with the Queens image and a customs declaration.   How cool is that. 



mdgtjulie said…
Very cool rug, Dottie. I love the shade of bluish purple in that. Yay you. I love to get things in the mail too.