An April update.

I have been MIA haven’t I.
Where have I been you ask?  I don’t really have an answer.   Mostly I have been working, sleeping and I  don’t know what else.  I can’t believe B it’s been over a month since I last posted.
It seems that work has been sucking the life out of me.  Just like aliens have been taking all my alienenergy..   I get home and I just can’t do anything.   I haven’t worked on any quilting.  I have to write a speech for Toastmasters and I keep putting it off.   I have been working on my small rug for my doll house but I haven’t done much more than that.
I have been watching a lot of tv series on DVD.  I have fallen in love with Drop Dead Diva.   I just today watched the first shows of Veronica Mars.  I wasn’t sure on the pilot but it has gotten better.  I have watched Garrow’s Law and I am on the third series of Bramwell.
It has also been a month of record rainfall here in Oregon.  The days have also been very GRAY.  That has been the hardest thing or me this year.    So gray it doesn’t want me to do anything.    I don’t have the energy to get the quilts out and work on them.  I could get so much out if I could just get it out but It just seems just to much work.
I didn’t update the progress on my UFO’s from Judy’s UFO Challenge from the Patchwork Times.    For February – I haven’t even cut anything out so that is not yet completed.  For March the number picked was # 8 which was Kenny’s quilt.  I have given it no thought.  april_shower_24978_lg
Today the number picked for April was #10.   This is the quilt I am going monthly to Quilting Delights to get the pattern.  I have been going since November and I haven’t even cut a single piece for it.   No excuse really – just nervous to make that first cut in all the beautiful fabric.
Hopefully I will do something in the month of April. Let’s keep our fingers and toes crossed.
Another thing that I have been reading a lot about in blogs lately is Copyright issues  and how some people feel it’s getting out of control in the quilting world.  I do believe that to a point.  I can understand if someone uses the photo of their quilt or design for promotion purpose and does not give credit or compensation.  But I feel it’s going too far if you are using someone’s line of fabric in your design and you show it on your blog and you claim it’s a copyrighted fabric design and try to have them stop using it.  For me that is going to far.  Why else would you design fabric other for it to be used?  That’s all I am going to say on that for now.   There are so many sides and so many opinions – so if you want to learn more search the issue on the internet and make your own opinion.   I am just sorry that a craft that a lot of people do for creativity release and pure pleasure has turned into such a minefield of touchy subjects.
It’s Sunday night again.. I am off to watch the CMA’s and the spring break song “Red Solo Cup” 
Till next time.


mdgtjulie said…
Dottie, I totally understand how your creativity is taking a backseat to work and a touch of SAD. When it gets grey, it's depressing, and you just seem to lose all your creative juice. I hope it's better for you this month!!!