Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 to everyone.

Based on the theory that what ever you do on New Years Day you will do the rest of your year I am trying to have a full day. I have sewed, done embroidery, shopped, spent time with my boyfriend, spent time with friends and enjoyed my comfy red chair in my own apartment. The only things I wish I wasn't doing is putting oil in the car and coming down with a cold. Hope everyone has a wonderful year!!!!

Another thing I want to do in 2013 is update my blog. I want to document my life and show what I have done. I have had enormous changes in my life in the last year including getting my own apartment.  I now have all of my things around me.
I have decided on my new word  for the year and I will be following up with that. 
Off to do more “things” on the first day of this brand new Year.


Brenda said…
Thank you for the New Years wishes!! And for you, I hope that the cold you mentioned keeps going down the street and does not stop to visit you and that your days are fun and interesting every day, but that you do not feel overwhelmed - ever - this year!!!

Enjoy the new apartment!!! Love the idea of a comfy red chair!!! Enjoy it lots this coming year!

Here is to all those changes in your life taking you down the best road ever and things keep just getting better!!!