Thursday, August 13, 2009

Checking in ....

It's after midnight and I can't sleep. I am sitting here at the computer. I have the old old show "Password" on from the 1960's on The Game Show channel. I am also researching new books to get from the library. In the late eighties or early nineties I remember reading a monthly magazine article "From Thornhill Farm" by Dee Hardie. I loved reading about her country life. I swore it was in Country Living but i might be doubting that memory. I loved her style of writing. Recently I rediscovered her writings in the book "Hollyhocks, Lambs and other Passions." I love it and have been cherishing the stories in the book. Tonight i searched for more of her writings and i found another book for 2.00 on Alibris. So i ordered it and Hollyhocks. I am so excited. In reading her book I have also discovered another writer Angela Mackail Thirkell, Dee Hardie collected her books. I am going to give her a try. I found one of her autobiography's in the library and ordered her first book in one of her series. She wrote in the 30's to 50's about the English country side. I hope I enjoy them. The book I bought was only 2.00 so i am ok with buying it. They have other's at the library but I wanted to start with the first one. See how it started.
The show is almost over so i am going to bed.
Night Night
PS - no sewing this week. too buzy with other stuff and taking long naps. will start up next week on both quilts and pin cushions...

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GeeGee Parrot said...

I, too, enjoyed Dee Hardie's articles.. Her Thornhill Farm stories were published in American House Beautiful.