My Aug UFO

I have picked out my Aug UFO. It was a 5 dollar quilt i participated with in 2008 from Quilting Delights. I ran out of time each month because I was in School and by the end I just gave up. It's another huge quilt. Over 100 inches each way.
Most people had the main color in black or off white. I choose this warm pumkin orange. I have already named this quilt - Pumkin Amish. I just think it fits. The first photo is what i have done. The second photo gives you an idea what it will look like when it is done. I started working on this yesterday and got "month 4 " done which consists of 4 12 inch blocks. My plan is just to work on a month at a time. My goal is to hopefully get it done by the 15th. A big goal but i am determined not to waste this time off. Plus it keeps me out of trouble.
Off to a Birthday party for a 7 year old.


Carol R. said…
That is going to be one lovely quilt. Good luck!
Wow! That is beautifl. Love your colors. Good luck. I will check back to see your progress. Can't wait to see it done. I'll be posting my project today. Carol
CJ said…
That is really pretty and it going to be gorgeous when all finished! I hope you are working on it.
Oooo La La! What a pretty quilt! And, I love the pumpkin background! It is a lofty goal, but you can do it! Can't wait to see the finished top!