Checking in..

Sunday night and i am ready for the week. I still haven't done any quilting. I miss it. Life has just been busy. I volunteered at the local quilt show this week. It was a good thing as it forced me to really study some of the quilts. I wanted to come home and sew. Well i didn't. The show is in a h all with concrete floors and i came home and laid down as i got cramps in my legs. I was a white glove lady and i never realized how much heat is held in by gloves. I went to two classes. One was making large pin cushions in the form of a sundae. It has given me so many ideas for mine. I also went to a seminar by Bob from Superior threads. I have seen him on quilt show so it was fun seeing him in person. He looks so tall on tv but he is my height. So interesting.
Well off to bed to play on my new PSP. This is another reason i have not been sewing. My geekeness has come out on playing these games. I called it the Dotster..
Till later.