Are you content?

I was just reading a blog where the writer was describing how content she was with her life. She had not blogged in awhile as she said she was content in her life by reading, sewing and snuggling down and watching movies and didn't find the time to blog. For me the thoughts that the word content invokes are comfort and happiness. Maybe i am too much of a romantic but the feelings are softness, fluffy clouds, the smell after the rain and a beautiful day with the sun sparkling on the water.
Even though i am in the process of job hunting - i have the same feeling. I am content with my life. Yea.. i wish i had my own place i could do stuff to and a job. lol but i am the happiest i have ever been. I have money for a while... (not having a lot of it causes me to be creative lol) i have my books from the library, I have my sewing (with so many more projects in my head) and a boyfriend that makes me happy. I love the feeling of my room at the moment. I am sitting here on a fluffy bed (still in my pj's today but usually dressed) listening to some music and a cool breeze coming through the trees in front of the window You can't ask for much more.
In this time of unemployment i have purchased some toys. ( Why do you ask spending money on worthless things but it is so much more that the money to me.) One is the Sony PSP. I have been addicted to a game called Puzzle Quest. Just enough game and enough puzzle to make me love it. I can see my experience growing every time i play. I never thought i was a gamer but i am so enjoying it. I also bought an IPOD touch. I have wanted one for a while and finally found a used one at about half price. I only got an 8 GB at the time but i am having so much fun. I think i will need to buy a bigger one for all my music i have stored away. Both toys can get online so it has been and adventure trying to figure that out but i have been successful in my connections. I am having so much fun. Can you tell?
This week has been devoted to applying for jobs. No calls yet but they will come right? I sure hope so. Today I am going to play a game or two and then sew. I am going to put in a good movie and snuggle down and watch it. That sounds good.
Happy Friday Everyone.


Anonymous said…
hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....