i love movies... days off... and working on stitching....

Hi, This weekend I have watched 4 movies... and have 4 more to go.. that's what happens when they all come in at once.... lol. I watched Songcatcher, In America, Searching for Debra Winger and 84 Charring Cross Road.. The four I have left are Two Lovers, Gideons Daughter, The boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Golden Bowl.. In the last few years I haven't been able to see many movies what with school and everything else going on.
I still find it so intriguing that you find one movie and the actor will lead you to another and then you realise that you also found another actor you like in it. It fills me with joy at the discoveries.
I have also gotten a lot of suggestions off of blogs that I read. That is how I found Songcatcher. I found a reference to it in the blog Coldantlerfarm , which I found by reading the book "Made from Scratch" about going back to living and shaping a small farm , which I found via a reference in MaryJane Butters book "MaryJane's Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook: For the Farmgirl in All of Us ." What a journey.
I loved the movie . What drew me to it was that it was about Appalachian music and cataloguing it. I love the sound of the music from that area of the country. It says something to me. A few years ago when i was getting my associates degree, one of the classes I took was intro to country and blues. I fell in love with the early country music. It started with music which was old time songs brought over to America from England and Scotland. Which can be found in the Appalachians. You should have seen my teachers record collection. It taught me so much. I just love it.
I have today off so I am eating homemade lasagna, working on my tablecloth and watching movies.. What shall i watch next? I think Two Lovers. It's the last one that Joaquin Phoenix worked on and I love Gwenneth Paltrow. Twta.... Dot


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