Reading habits...

I am sorry it has been so long since i posted but i would get caught up in the Olympics in the evening and those dang facebook games... lol

I have been reading around my favorite blogs lately and they have reminded me about some fantastic books and authors.

The first is the Betsy and Tacy stories at Progressive Pioneer . I can't remember how I found the books but it happened in the last 10 years or so. After I found them, I read every one that the library had. Last year I gave the first 4 of the series to my niece Francine for Christmas. I don't know if she fell in love with them like I did, I should ask her.
There is also a wonderful review of the Little House on the Prairie series on the blog. I loved the books and the TV show. Which reminds me of a cute story. I live in Oregon, kinda of near the Oregon Trail (but not really) and along the valley of the Columbia River. When I was a kid I was enthralled with wagon train stories and living on the prairie. In my mind the two kinds of adventures were one in the same. One day I was riding my bike up and down my street and I decided that one of the narrow ruts in the pavement up the block was a rut left by the wagon trains on there journey to the Oregon Territory. Everyone tried to convince me that it was not..... but I wouldn't believe it, I knew it would be true. Looking back it is a bit silly but there is still a little part of me that still believes that the wagon trains really rolled down my street.

The second writer is Alexandra Stoddard. I first found her books in a little antique/flower store in downtown Tigard, Oregon during a lunch break. It was sitting on a chair in the setting with flowers all around. I can't remember which book it was but I think it was her "Creating a Beautiful Home" Her writing just attracted me instantly. I have stared for hours and hours at the cover of the book as I loved her living room. It is still my style. I have continued to read her books. Buying some, checking some out of the library, and even found one at Anthopologie in The Pearl and then went across the street to Powell's and bought a used one for half the price. I was so excited when she was the writer in residence for Victoria Magazine in 2008/2009. She has developed into a philosopher and I do enjoy reading her words. They are refreshing and helps me bring myself back to center and to know what i really want. I recently read in her book "Things I want my Daughters to Know" about never spending more than 5 hours with friends and family. This was a statement that really made me think. I could see so many instances where this is true and would be healthy for all, but on the other hand what about those times where you are have game day or some other event and you need to spend more than 5 hours together. Is this such a bad thing? Even just writing this out for you I am seeing her idea from a different angle and has me rethinking my first reactions to it. But isn't that awesome that someones writings can inspire you to really think what matters to you.
Well it's time to wrap up. Thank you blog friends for being so much inspiration to create, contentment and joy to my life. Everyone, keep your head up high and smile everyday as life is so precious.