Dollhouse envy

I have been finding blogs and creative people who are building doll houses. I bought one many years back from Joannes and I think (or should say hope I have it in my storage. I want to work on one now. There are so many possibilities of design I could do. Another dream on my list.


Mandy said…
I had a family member make a doll house for his daughters in his shed... it was so big it wouldn't fit through the door or the window! He had to cut the wall out lol!!!!

I'm actually hosting a giveaway now if your interested ;)
Go for it, Dottie! We can work on ours together! Is the one in the photo the one that you bought? ~Kim
Kim - No it's not.. I can't remember which one I purchased. I still hope I have it stored away. I just found one on the internet I liked. RIght now even though I have the desire I don't have the space. I barely have space for my sewing. So it's on my wish list for now and as soon as I have the money and the space I am working on one.