Trying to design..

Today I was trying my hand at design. It's a struggle. I picked up a set of white pillowcases at Goodwill one day. It's been in the back of my mind ever sense that I wanted to use some type of embroidery on it. I have seen one's designed by Jack Dempsey, Bucillia, and even Mary Englebert but wanted to try my hand at it. I have the idea of using the words 'Sweet Dreams" and then some sort of flowers somewhere. Or even not even using the words but just using flowers. While I was sitting in the car waiting for my niece to get her All Star photos, I started to design.
I had my pencil, the words printed on paper in a cool font I found, graph paper, a couple of flower ideas I found in clip art and other sources, a rough estimate of the size I have to work with and my ideas in my head. I do have a kind of signature flower that I have designed in the past few years, but I wasn't sure if this is what I wanted to use for this project. It is too modern and I want something light and free flowing. I had the idea of using a vine with different flowers and leaves coming off of it and in my search had found a circle vine that is used for quilting applique that I thought I could use for inspiration, so I started. I am not a good drawer I quickly realized but I am trying to improve. I am also struggling to get the ideas from my head to the paper. In some areas of my world I have made great strides but this was the first time I had tried drawing designs.
I first drew the vine and then tried to kind of sketch in some flowers coming off. After drawing and then erasing and trying again, I was finding I was drawing the vine too thick and the flowers just weren't working like I wanted. They didn't have a natural feel. I was struggling. My mom was in the car also, so I asked her for some guidance. She gave some good ideas but it wasn't quite what I was trying to reach. When my niece was done we went out to a pizzeria. She reminded me that she has some drawing abilities so I tried to explain to her what I was trying to accomplish. She was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted because she has never thought about drawing vines or flowers. She is only 12 and I guess I forgot that 12 year old girls are not obsessed with the thoughts like their aunts. lol So we then started brainstorming for other ideas. A picket fence with a simple bird I have designed in the past.? But would that wake you up with it's noise? lol How bout sheep jumping over the fence? With numbers going backwards like 49, 48, 47 or would it go forward? Well then how would you draw sheep that you could embroider? lol.. Some quick sketches were getting some good giggles and laughs between the three of us. Then the pizza came and I put away my graph paper.

Long story short is I don't have a design yet. I will try some more. It will come to fruition.. it's just going to take longer than I thought. But isn't what they say.. you have to wait for the best?
Have a great day.. below is something I found online on how to draw a sheep. Maybe that will help me. lol........