Happy New Year 2014

Hello!     Seems since forever since I posted.   I thought I would since it's the first day of the new year.  What have I been doing you ask?

I have been quilting the Bonnie Hunter mystery for 2013,  trying to pick up Granny Squares,  working on my needlepoint and doing a lot of reading.  

I always pick a new word for the year.  In 2014 I think I am going to use the word SAVOR.  I will post more later on my reasoning.   Still trying to decide if it feels right. Off to bro.  Till next time.  


I love your word, Savor. Seems life is so much richer when we can discipline ourselves to savor each moment... not always easy... but, I figure if we manage at all, it is good. ;)

Glad to find someone else who is picking up a little crochet in their life. blessings ~ tanna