A long overdue update.

Well Hello blog readers!   I know that I have not updated since 2014 but I hope to rectify that.  So, let's get started.

In July of 2014, I moved from Beaverton Oregon to Vancouver Washington with my boyfriend, now fiance.   I went from a 600 foot apartment to a 1100 foot apartment.  What a difference.  It feels like a cozy home now instead of an apartment..   I had set up my craft room in the spare room but found I wasn't doing my crafting in there.  Found myself working on projects in the living room and at the dining room table so we changed the arrangement where my things are in our bedroom and the spare has become the "Man-Cave".  It actually is working better then I imaged.

I still work in Beaverton so my commute is now at least an hour and the drive home has been 2 hours some days which has cut down on my crafting, but i am finding in this new apartment I am doing more then ever before.

I plan on future blog posts on update on each craft but I will touch on a bit here.

I am still quilting and have kind of gone crazy and have found some great buys on vint
age machines and I am up to 9 sewing machines.  I am going to gather all the names, take photos  and I am going to blog about them.  I am currently waiting to hear on a pink machine i found on Craig's List.  Oh my,  10 machines..

I recently received a huge fabric haul from a sad source.  One of my best friends lost their mother in September.  He and the family offered me a chance to go through her fabric and other crafts as they were clearing out her Craft room.  On the first visit I brought home about 30 yards or more of fabric.   On the second trip I have about 6 medium totes of fabric.  I  don't know how much that is as i still want to go through and fold it up.    While there I also picked up crochet needles and a bunch of knitting needles.  I also found a really cool needlepoint with an old fashioned Singer.    Also she had a cross stitch in progress of Winnie the Pooh that i am going to finish.  It's very simple and I love it's simplicity.
I haven't really completed any quilts but i have been going though my UFO's and completing them into tops. Many on my Singer 301A.  One day i just did 44 string blocks out of 30's prints.

I have always wanted to Crochet.  I have tried on and off in the last couple of years but it has never stuck.  When i was house sitting during my friends mother's funeral i tried again with some cotton yard i found in her craft room.   It stuck.   I am now working on two blankets.  The first is a ripple quilt using Attic's 24 pattern.   I  am about 3rd of the way through it. Below is an older photo.  I am on row 24 now.   I am doing it  using Sugar 'n Cream in all colors I can find plus a few from my stash.   I have also been stuck by another pattern. I want to learn other stitches then the double or single crochet.   It is the As We Go Stripey blanket, you can find the pattern here.

Another obsession I have developed is watching YouTube videos on Knitting, Crochet and FlossTube.  Not too many quilt ones out that but I hope that changes soon but of course I am following Quilt-Cam by Bonnie Hunger and FiberCast by Lynn and the new The Stitch TV show.    I am loving all of these.   It has really inspired me.   I first started watching videos on saving money and i slowly have moved over to the craft side.     A few of my favorites craft ones  are  FreakishLemon, TurboKnitter and so many more.  Watch a few.  They are good to stitch by.

Lately i have been obsessed with Chris Stapleton who i discovered on the CMA show.  I have been listening to his Pandora channel non stop.   Something about his voice.

I haven't been reading much or even listening to books on CD.  I am not sure why but it's not holding my interest much.

Another thing that has been taking up a lot of my time is Toastmasters.  I joined through work about 4 years ago. I have worked through by first level speeches and leadership workbooks and now can add CC and CL after my name.   For the  2015/2016 year I have been appointed the 93 Area Director.  I am struggling some weeks but I am learning and I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I am also working on my bronze level in Speeches and Leadership.    I recently went to visit one of my clubs that is filmed and broadcast on a local public access station.   Here is photo of the board they use.

Well till next time