A day to remember!

I just love watching the political process of the United States. I am always intrigued by it. I don't care if you are Republican, Democratic or any other party. Today was tradition. Tradition that started with the first George to the last one. Unfortunately I do not work with people who see the significance or the enjoyment of to days celebration. As I could not stay home I listened to NPR on my Walkman and went to the break room to watch his oath while everyone else on the team sat at their desk and did work. It was wonderful to see such unity in the people there and to hear it but then I am a sucker for the pageantry. It made me think of other inaugurations. I remember back in 92 when Clinton came into office. Or was it 91? Well back to the story. This is when I carpooled with my Aunt Tede. I remember clearly sitting on the freeway with her portable TV. That was an adventure back then. The music gets me going and seeing the elder statesman like Kennedy, Carter and the 41'st Bush.

Then after work I went to my e marketing class. Even though my focus is IS i am so enjoying this class. It ties in so many of the business concepts I am studying. I am in a class with a majority of Marketing majors who look at it differently then I. I want to know about the web design, the how to behind the sites... while their questions are concerning the why of why people do what they do, what they do, what can we do to get them to do what we went. The professor is a has world experience and brings an element of humor and knowledge and is in with the times. Technology has so much to offer even to the old disciplines and can turn old knowledge on it's ear.

Well off to read my Book. I love the series 'Daughters of Blessing'. Let's see how long I make it before I fall asleep.


Ah.. before I forget please forgive the grammar and spelling mistakes. They are not my strong suite and sometimes the brain is traveling faster then the fingers and i don't see the misspelled word or the dropped letters. Most of the time i just want to get out the words before I forget.