Welcome to my first post in the blog world. It's a Saturday night and I was reading blogs and was inspired to join in what is such a fascinating world. So join me in this exploration of blogging on The Agnes Dorothy..

What do I want to do with this blog? I don't have that vision quite done yet but stick around and it will come together as we go day by day.

Right now my world is so busy. I work 40 hours a week an then am in my second to last term in reaching my goal of receiving a bachelor's degree. I am taking 12 hours this term and am praying that it is over quickly. I love my classes but I think I took 3 hard ones together. Where my head was at the time of registration I should have signed up for that movie class. I do not know but what else is there to do on winter nights so I decided that the classroom was the place to be. The only regretful thought I have of this journey is that it doesn't give me time to play with my fabric or anything else.
One of my passions is quilting. I learned when I was 16 from my aunt who has a wonderful touch with sewing and needlepoint. My grandmother was a seamstress and I can remember as a little girl she tried to teach me to sew. She would get so frustrated with me that I could not sew a straight line she quit teaching me. Let me tell you -- I still don't but i don't let it stop me. Above is one of my little quilts that hangs in work cube. I didn't physically quilt for many years but about 4 years ago I picked up sewing with renewed energy. I will leave the rest for many more posts.
Another passion of my mine is reading. I love to read. I find it so exciting to find new authors and new stories. One of my favorite genres is writers like Louise Alcott, L.M. Montgomery, Betsy and Tacy. I love to read stories of the time period of 1900 and especially when they were written in the first half of the 1900's. There is something so quaint about the style and the descriptions of times gone by. I will admit it I am a romantic.
That is a little bit about me. I hope to be able to continue to have many more words to write and until next time.


Oh - let me tell you about my blog name. It is the name of my two grandmothers. The sewer and my namesake. Two wonderful women in my life. I added the french word for flower because I love flowers and thought it sounded like a nice finish to the old-fashioned names.