Sunday morning.

Hello again,

Well it's Sunday morning and I am sitting here folding laundry. There is something soothing about it. If i lived in a house I would have a clothes line. I love the smell of the fresh air and the wind. Talking about the wind - it was howling last night and banging things all around.

Today I am off to work with a group from school on our systems analysis. I expect it to take 4 hours. I greatly admire the group I am with. I originally started with friends in another group but 4 out of 5 of us dropped out of the class because it was too hard. One I would never do that - just because it was too hard ,I am made of more than that.. I mean just because you are deciding that this time is difficult there is no guarantee that the next time won't be even more. I have been lucky in my schooling that I haven't had too hard of professors. The timing has been good. Back to the group. One gentleman em pressed me last week in another class we share. He spoke very eloquently and had good things to input into the discussion. I have had a class with him before and he was very quiet as he is from Russia. I am glad I was able to see his wisdom. The other 3 I don't know yet but it should be interesting today.

After the school work I get to go out with my boyfriend. Isn't that a nice word. lol. We have been dating since the fall. He is a single father with five children who works nights. . I am a single girl with no children working and going to school full time. We don't get much time together with or without children. I greatly admire him as he has been faced with an interesting situation and has stood with pride and responsibility. It was fate that we meet and that we have connected so well. He definitely is a supportive man and has made me a better women. But he could stop beating me a chess.

Well the laundry needs to be put away and I have to get ready to go out on this cold, sunny blistery day.
Till next time.