Another week.

Hello Again......
Well it's Sunday night. The weekend has gone too fast. I don't have enough time. I struggled with a cold all week. I feel like I the 4 days i ended up working were too long. I have 5 to face again. I don't want to go. I want to snuggle up in bed and sleep. so what am i doing up at 11:30? Helping out mom.
I was all ready to go to bed at 10:30 when i thought I should check on her one more time. Big mistake. lol.. she played the guilt card again by standing in the kitchen with the washer open. Now she is not suppose to do it and she wants the kitchen clean for my sister for when she comes in the morning. Yea.. like i get that same respect. I better quit now before i say something that doesn't need to be said. It's just my bursts of energy. As soon as it gets out - the thought flutters away too but other people take some things so literal.
I am avoiding homework. I hate that feeling.. But all i can think of is the term is almost over but i still have all this stuff to do. So tired..
Well the "community talk" is over on the radio so I am going to crash.
Sorry for such an uninteresting post.
I promise more detail soon.