Thursday, February 26, 2009

An ah-ha moment...

I had an ah-ha moment this morning. I have been struggling with not feeling good these past few weeks, fighting the cold I caught, stress from school and stress from my mom’s surgery. Needless to say I have been struggling against that cloud that can hang around a person. As I have gotten older I have found that it comes more and more in the winter. Well with everything that happened in the last year I proactively decided to request my happy pills be upped. I can so tell the difference. But let me get back to my moment. I was sitting at the light to turn on to the freeway. The sky was in front of me. It was enormous and it was starting to turn from gray to blue. Lately, I have been really thinking on how I want project a more positive person. This negativity and depressing moods have been depressing me even more. I miss those moments where I take pleasure in life and crack myself up. Ok, back again to my moment. As I was watching the sky I realized it’s a conscious decision to be in a good mood. Here I was sitting in my cloud and it should just be as easy to push it away and look at life with a smile. Is it hard? Hell yes! Those clouds can suffocate you some days. Why did I have this moment looking at the sky? Well it has been so gray outside lately and I felt so good on our one sunny day last week. It just struck me that you can make your own sun in your life. I was just zoning out and was stuck by the beauty of the sky and it made me want to throw out that cloud that was filling my mind and be happy.. Since that moment I have been giggling all morning and it fills so good. I love that part about me.

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deValentinois said...

Hi Dottie...thanks for posting in my blog.

I really did love the tour and all. I think PSU is a wonderful choice for college students to have. And I love the way the University is trying to really integrate itself into the City. And I love my new, huge umbrella.