Is a Fairy Tale LIfe a possiblity?

Do you believe in a Fairy Tale Life? I do. I think it is the same as believing in Santa Claus or in The Tooth Fairy. Yes we know that it’s not “true” all of the time but why can’t we make it the most enjoyable and magical we can make it. We had a conversation at work that made me think of it. A co-workers sister’s estranged husband is making overtures of coming back. My co-worker wants to give her option of how life is not a fairy tale and she shouldn’t believe him and should tell him that. For this lady – she was a late bloomer in the relationship department and still believes in the sweetness of love. I think it should be encouraged. Yes there is the chance that she might be hurt but can you look at everything with such a negative slant and automatically turn your head just because you view life and people in such a negative light? So I told my co-worker be supportive of your sister. Yes give your opinion but let her figure it out. I have been through a bad relationship myself, my family was pushed away, I was used and it took a while to come out it emotionally but it has not tarnished my belief of fairy tales.
I then took a small survey of my coworkers. Did they believe in a fairy tale life? None of them did. In fact they got a bit nasty about it. They said relationships take work. They are not always pretty. I swear they think I am naive about life and don’t know about the hardships of life. But then I look at their lives. They always have so much drama, so much anger. I don’t see any excitement for things, any passion.

I wrote the above two paragraphs last week when I was in a “mood”. Lol. I was even arguing with a good friend about it and I don’t argue. Lol. On this Monday morning I still believe that your life can be a fairy tale. I thought about it a lot this weekend. I decided its how you look at life.
This weekend when I was clicking around the blogs I read I found evidence that other people do think like me. It was refreshing to know I am not alone. I am sure everyone has their own set of drama and problems they face but so many people or should I say women have said to them selves that they want find the good in things in life and enjoy them What hey want, especially in these days of economic uncertainty are the small pleasures that make their life more enjoyable. I think for some people they have always had this attitude but I think a big shift came around 9/11 and even more now.
For myself the small pleasures, was going to a quilt show and enjoying the quilt show of a woman from the guild. Sitting there watching her set up and get her notes ready – I was thrilled for her. What an honor. Due to some weird sleeping patterns this weekend (that’s another post lol ) I awoke at 4 on Sunday morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. I gave in and got up at 5. I ended up taking the time to do my taxes. Afterwards I crawled back into my nice soft bed and the windows opened just a bit to let in the cold morning air and snuggled in for a couple hours of sleep. That was bliss lying on the cloud of bedding with my quilts on top of me no deadlines, all my goals done for the day and I could do almost anything I wanted.
So to me life is full a bliss and there is nothing wrong with trying to live a fairy tale. I even say that sometime my prince will come on a white horse and sweep me away to a wonderful life.