Tuesday another day...

I feel so much better today. My cold is gone. The cloud came back this weekend but i just think i was burnt out. A day of laying in bed and dozing through the new version of Sense and Sensibility on OPB was the perfect Sunday.
I started this blog to write about my quilting and to show off my projects. I haven't even written anything about it but it's never far from my heart.. Well i have plans.. After this term i plan to start one of my projects. I need it. I dream about quilting. I will have so much fun picking one out. I also plan to actually finish one and start using it. Perhaps i will make a baby quilt. We will see. I am so excited.
Well it's midnight. Off to bed.
Life is good.

PS. One more thing. My friend's divorce was sealed and final today. What a wonderful burden that has been removed. The family can now move on and start to live dynamically again and just not sit stagnant waiting for it to be done with. Now they can heal. It will be wonderful to watch the kids blossom. It should be a fun summer.

PPS it was a wonderful day out today. The sun was shining and it put a smile on my face. Between that and a good book on CD "Savannah Breeze" it was nice sitting in the car at lunch.