The reunion quilt

Here is a photo of my hand embroidery I did from my label to my family reunion quilt. I made up a poem that coordinated with the colors and what they represented in nature.
It went “Blue is for the waters of the rivers. Tan is for the sand. Purple is for the flowers. Yellow is for the sun. Green is for the trees.” Plus who contributed to it's making and who designed it.
The quilt was a signature quilt that I had everyone signs at the 2006 reunion. I had just prepared the blocks with off-white muslin and the corners of 3 different fabrics. I had all intentions of finishing it in 2007 but time just got away. You know how that is. In early 2008 I bought complimentary fabric for the borders and sashing. I wanted to get it done for the 2008 reunion in July. Of course I couldn’t get matching as I was so late but I went back to the same store I was at originally and was able to find some good matches. I was able to go to the Fabric Depot Outdoor Sale and found some good backing frabric for $2.00 a yard. I was excited about this quilt as I had designed it myself. I even made blocks with the family name Altenhofen. I had trouble designing the n’s but decided instead of doing the n part I would just machine on the negative spaces onto the square. It turned out great and just added to the homespun look that I was going for. The only bad part of this quilt that I will always remember is that I left it to the week before the 2008 reunion to put it together. y family helped me and we worked on it 20 hours in 3 days. We ended up tying it as I used a loftier batting. Currently it is folded up in my room and I don’t know what I am going to do with it.