Cake Class

I am takig a fondant and gum cake class. Yesterday I went over to my friend Kim’s house to make our “flowers” for our final project. Below is what I made. I didn’t have a set plan when I started but it all came together – I think. I looked at a couple of choices that they listed in the back of the class book and I started from there. I didn’t “love” anything so I took bit’s and peices from all the designs. I was first making circles with circles cut out and then I moved on to the flowers. Then I added the leaves. I don’t know what I am going to do with the little balls as I had one idea of putting them all around the edges but I don’t know.

My pink is not what i wanted. I wanted more of a red. I wanted to do a red and aqua colored cake. I couldn’t get the colors deep enough. For the purple/blue I tried to match the colors on her kitchen wall. I kept holding it up to her wall. She was giggling at me. She painted her house from the colors from the Disney line. She is a Disney fanatic.

I have made too many pieces but I wanted choices. I still don’t know how it’s going to be decorated but I will post photos when i am done.

While we were doing this we made Cinnamon rolls from scratch. YUM YUM! She is such a creative and crafty person. She gives me so much inspiration. Our tastes are not the same but her continuous effort at cooking, crafting, thinking up new ideas motivates me to push my self. I say all the time I want to do this, or that and never get around to it. She says it and the next thing i know is we are doing it. I want to be like her when I grow up.


I love to learn new things!
You are very creative!