A Sunday note.

Things are going on in my life...

I am house sitting again. 3 minutes from work. It is so nice to leave work at 3:30 and be sitting on the couch working on my needlepoint by 3:45.

I have made great strides on this lately. I am on the bottom 3rd. Of that portion the two corners are a light apple green and white check. I have finished one corner and just have the white checks to finish on the other side. Still have the middle portion to finish. I feel so soothed when I stitch and it makes me think of my aunts  (my fathers sisters) who are great needle workers. I am so excited to start my next project when I am done.

I finished my cake decorating class Here is the final product. 0522111609[1]

Do I love it? No. I don’t like the size of the cake I used, it didn’t turn out like I had it in my head and I had so much trouble baking 0522111609bit. I made it in the kitchen I am house sitting at. Let me tell you there is nothing like missing your own kitchen. I had to make two versions. The first one had one disaster after another. First I couldn’t not find any oil or Pam to put in the pan so I gave up and made it anyway. In checking it when the timer went off I discovered I had turned the oven off and had to cook it longer. When it tried to get it out of the pan it fell apart and half of it stuck to the bottom of the pan. On the second one I decided to use butter to powder it with the flour I finally found but it turns out it was rice flour and I lost one of the ends when I took it out of the pan. But as I told them in class I was learning – and I learned so much.


This is my friends cake. It turned out awesome. She went ahead and made one out of the book. Of course perfection.


We have signed up for the next class.

The Flowers and Cake Design class.

We will see how it go’s.

I have been watching some good series lately…

Watched october road 
In the middle of commander_chief

And just started one tree hill and have on the shelf north-and-south

I am reading ladybug farm

and also found another series in which I have read the first one.
 stealing home

Still working on collecting all of the DMC threads and working on my design books. Quilting is not at the forefront on being worked on but it’s never far from my mind.

Well it’s getting late and I will update you again soon.