OhToDreamBedding “Don’t dream your life, live your dreams” ~ Anonymous
I found this quote last year and I was going to use it in a post but i never did.  This weekend was both a balance for everyday life and dreaming.
I accomplished a lot of  of errands and checking things off my list this weekend. .    During a break on Friday I wrote down a list of things i wanted to get done over the weekend and for the long term.  I won’t bother you with the long term ideas.  Some of them were spurred by the books below, some where just thinking of things that needed to be done.
A few of the errands and projects were:
- change bed.  - oflipflosh my gosh i fluffed up my feather cushion and my 3 coverings and it now feels like heaven
- get knee highs.. – i like to sometimes dress up for work and i haven’t had any knee highs for a while and I miss the dressing up.
-return pop bottles.  I didn’t get this done.  There is a whole stack in the garage.  This will have to wait for another weekend.
- Bennet House Cross stitch – write down all the thread I still need.  I bought my self a Christmas present but the shop did not have all the thread I needed.  I needed to write down what i did have versus what I needed so i could stop by one day after work as it’s closer to work then home.
- buy a couple cheap pair of flip-flops.    Do you know how hard this is to do in the middle of January when you don’t want to go all over town and you don’t want to spend over 2 dollars a pair.    Its for a function at work and I found some at the dollar store that will just have to do   Tomorrow is National Feet day per my coworkers so we are are using that day  to tie in with the concept of Word of the Year.   We are giving all our coworkers paper cutouts of  flip flops to put down a word or “feat” they want to accomplish at work or in their personal life.  We thought we would get a live pair of flip-flops to pass out to the team leads to use as recognition when someone on their team accomplishes a grand “feat" in their department.
Well tonight I feel very accomplished.  I got  almost everything checked off my to do list.  I didn’t start any of the long term goals. but i have a plan in mind to get them done.
But the heading was about dreaming.  I did a lot of that this weekend to.   Both in sleep ‘:-)  and in day dreaming.
I have been in the mode of  reading of self help books lately.  Wait let’s not use those words.  I think exploring new ways of thinking is a better phrasing.  I needed something to be adding creativity and light to the gray days  of January.  The ones I have been reading are.

make your dreams real 

When I read these books I of course take them with a grain of salt.  I try to get a feel for the things they are saying.  They all have a common thread it seems.   Being positive and believing in what you want.   In fact they are very old ideas but it’s always refreshing to think of the ideas in new light. The Books  give me  new ways of how to apply the ideas to my own life.  The hindsight these books have brought have helped me realize this actions have been occurring in my life  and I hope to continue to use them as I strive to grow every day. I can honestly say that I have seen  awesome results of putting the  ideas into motion in my life in the past two years and even in bits and pieces from years before that.
Dreams..  This is where I started this post.  I dream all the time.  I dream of how i want to decorate, how i want to quilt, to design fabric.   How i want to live in a beautiful old house by the water.  How I want to travel.  How I want to have a delicious Italian dinner in Italy surrounded by Italians and savoring the food.     I dream of what I want  to be when i grow up.  I dream all the time.  I dream in color when i sleep and i dream while sitting in freeway traffic.   I dream when i write and when i sitting quiely working on stitching.
Another thing the books talk about is live your dreams. Work toward your dreams.    I am striving to do it this year.  I am always reminded about the lady who always saves her “pretty” things for a special occasion and when she died her children found things still tucked away and not used for years because daily life wasn’t special enough.    I want to take things out and use them. Both physical things and my dreams.   Every day is special and we are special and we should celebrate every day by using our “pretty” things.
P.S.   while out running errands this weekend I found this.   Doesn’t it bring joy?
yellow bug2