New Years Day Sewing

They say what you do on New Years Day you will be doing the rest of the year.   This year I decided to get some sewing in so I cut out the squares I need for my Provence Quilt.   I am trying a new way to post the photos.  I don’t know if i will do it every time but it’s fun to experiment.


Brenda said…
I like the way you did your pics!!!

I really need to learn how to work my blog and do the things so many find easy to do and I just don't have a clue!!!

hmmmm, I have heard the 'what you do' saying before and that tells me I need to get back to my sewing room and actually sew something, intead of just ironing like I did, and I had better get back to cleaning my bathroom, 'cause i didn't finish it - and I do not want to be cleaning my bathroom all year!!!

I am enjoying your blog though...I could see doing that all year! ;-)