My new toy...

I get laid off so i go do some retail therapy. lol.. No it just is a coincidence. I received money for my graduation and combined with money i earned house sitting and money i was refunded from co pays I had about 400 dollars. Well i wanted to buy something. I was debating between an IPOD touch and a new TV.
All i had was a shuffle and i wanted to upgrade. Now my TV is another story. The red bulb has been going out more and more. I can still watch TV but not the right color. It's interesting to watch something and think it's a blue dress and when the red comes back on you find it's a shocking pink. lol. Kept me on my toes. Also since the TV was so old i need to buy a converter and it wasn't worth it. I was just going to give up TV and watch DVDs.

When i came home that Monday i knew what i would get as i would be home more. So i went out to look and came home with the 26 inch TV.
It's just slightly bigger than the one in the living room. lol but it's MINE... and i love it.. I get more channels.. Yea!!!!!
When i told my boyfriend that night he just laughed and said he would need to keep an eye on me if my reaction to an event is to go buy and expense electronic gadget.. I told him not to worry. lol It happens rarely.
Off to watch the TV. lol