A new direction....

Well - news has happened this week.
On Monday the 22nd I was laid off. I walked in to work, signed in on the computer and was starting to start my morning review when my boss came and said we needed to go talk with the bigger boss. They brought me in and gave me the news. I was OK with it. I knew that when the time came it would be me.I had made my peace with the possibility and turned it into a positive spin.
When we heard of layoffs in the branches we always thought it might happened to us and i determined it would likely be me. For a couple of reasons, one - i didn't have any extra jobs over and above(but we won't go there) , two i just got my degree and who knows if i would have stayed, three i have no family to support, four i am one of the lowest on the seniority pole. Also i have a hard time making drama about problems or promoting my self. I just think that the job i do should say enough. And the few times i have tried to promote myself notice is not taken. With the economy - the department had to cut expenses and in our department that is people. We have cut everything else.
But it is going to be just fine. I have a positive attitude. I had been praying what i should do job wise after i graduated. I didn't know. Well i got my answer. lol
So i am now going to have an interesting summer. Hopefully employed but i am going to take advantage of it creatively. Wait for more posts on that.