School is over and the fun begins.

Hello everyone.

School is over!!!!! Yea.... Now the fun begins....
What i have planned.. I have a goal to work on and complete 3 quilt tops this summer. My mom has a goal for me to buy a large roll of batting and sandwich some.

I have 3 hand projects going. One is the block of the month that I posted a couple of posts back. I finished the prepped one and have sewn and turned the hears for the next two months. I will iron down all the pieces on the backing this weekend and take it back to work to work on during breaks.
Meanwhile I have my grandmothers flower garden I am piecing. Did i mention it before? Well i cut the fabric too small for the 1 inch hexagons but the pieces of fabric work great with the 3/4 inch. If i want to make an 80 by 80 quilt i will need to do 400 flowers. But that doesn't count the white walking path. I will have to refigure but at least i have a goal. These are all from my scraps. It might take me years. Right now i have 10. lol I will be working on this the rest of the week at work.
Third - i have my original hand project. I had found it about 4 years ago at a thrift/antique shop at the beach. Pieces for a tumbling block were cut all cut out. I am not sure how many. I then went to Joannes (since i think the original fabric was from the 80's.) and bought some green, pink and gold to go with all of the brown flower printed pieces. They are all now sewn together and I have decided to float it with a chocolate brown border. I have cut out the pieces to go around the border and the border it's self. I have not had time with school to mark the pieces with a white pencil. That is another goal this summer.

What other plans.

One i plan to go through all my magazines and tear out pages and things i want to keep. Perhaps a color combo or a wonderful bedroom. I am going to file them in a file box. I am going to do 5 a week at least. I will then post them in my dream book for ideas for the future. I am keeping some series but then other ones i will go through. I need the room. lol

Read. Right now i have like 18 books checked out from the library and a series i have had on my shelf since February from a friend at work. I gotta pump them out. Maybe this weekend i can make a dent.

Have lots of movies and series to watch. I didn't get a converter box for the TV in my room. One i wanted to see if i tried not to watch so much TV. I have Gilmore Girls, Road to Avonlea, West Wing, Emily in New Moon, Felicity, Upstairs Downstairs, Berkshire place and a whole bunch more. Oh yea.. the Tutors and season 2 and 3 of Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson.
Well that's a book.
I will talk with you all later and update you on my progress.

PS. I have to fit the gym in there somehow and enjoy the sun.