UFO #1 - Ken's gift...

Okay.. i am a little bit slow. I promised you this yesterday but I finally was able to take a photo. About 4 or 5 years ago i did a 5 dollar quilt through Quilting Delights. Along with the main quilt i was making i used my assorted batiks to make another quilt. I have completed my main quilt into a floppy but this one just has borders that need to be added. I have included them in the photo. It was quite a year that year. I was doing a 5 dollar quilt through two shops and doing a second "practice" quilt for both adventures. A friend had joined me in the second quilt as it was called something with polka dots.. and i have to do something with Dot's. My friend gave me her completed squares as it was not her style so i have 3 tops sewed up to floppies. I will show them in another post.
I call this one "Ken's gift".. but that might change if it talks to me. My boyfriend at the time gave me a gift certificate to a quilt shop called The Quilter When I went to use it the shop had moved. We found it one day on our adventures in another part of Vancouver and I went in and bought a bunch of quarter or half yards of batiks. We eventually broke up but i would go by that quilt shop every once in a while. Then one time i went by and it was gone. Last month i joined the Clark County Quilters and I was invited to a tea. Lo and behold it was at The Quilter and this time it was just over the river. I was excited.
So sorry to get off track. I am doing this quilt as part of The Charming girls quilt club. Motivation to get some of my UFO's done.
Off to quilt..


Carol R. said…
Way to Sew Dottie! Love the projects you have chosen for the club. See you soon.