Monday, January 11, 2010

A Better Day...

Well after posting that post at the library I headed to work and had a better day then I expected. Sometimes just getting out of the house will do that. Walking in the wind( hopefully not that cold east wind) will also help. It seems like it just clears the cobwebs out. This morning I also texted a friend during break and the message got me giggling. Unfortunately she read it the wrong way and thought i was even more in the dumps then i thought and called to check up on me. I gotta remember to write lol.... after some of my statements so that they can see the teasing of the words. Her birthday is 15 days before me and i was telling her that i didn't like being left behind.. ha ha.. i meant in birthday years.. We have teased each other about our birthdays forever and last year she playfully but seriously told me to quit referring to her being older so i have really tried hard.. but today i just had to tease her .... specially since we are going to see our friend perform at Darcelle's on her birthday. It should be fun. Boy i went there 20 years ago.. I have changed so much since then.... Her and I should always do something special for our birthdays as 2 years ago we went to LA to be on "The Price Is right" Well i am going to go watch the original Grey Gardens.. Thanks for putting up with me readers... Dottie.

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