Christmas presents...

Aren't these cute? I had found a pattern on line and I bookmarked it. I bought the fabric, elastic and handles. I then put it away to work on when I had time. Well I never got in the mood to get my sewing machine out. Well the deadline was approaching. I didn't have my computer with me as it was at the house I was house sitting at. So I winged it. I think they turned out well. They are to hold your plastic bags from the grocery store. I made them for by brother, sister and mom. I told them to report back to me how they work. Next year I have some grand plans. I should finish up the Christmas pillow cases I bought fabric for last year, i want to make needlepoint initials for everyone and to make cameos of people. We will see how that works out.
Off to pick up a friend to watch a movie and eat leftover Christmas Eve dinner (which we celebrated on New Year's eve...) oh.. i am always forgetting to take photos.. Happy New Year..