What will the new year will bring?

I have been contemplating in the last few days my goals for 2010. I see so many people putting them out on the web. I am not sure what mine will be. I know I want to be happy. Even with all my ups and downs the last year I have been happy, I know that for a fact. I don't have many "set" goals.. Maybe more of wishes.

One of the things i have decided is a goal is to walk the 5 mile sponsored by Kaiser for the Portland Marathon. My hair girl is running the marathon. I am not up to that and will probably never be as I am not a runner but I do enjoy walking. I will do that. I need to go to the gym. I keep saying that but I have no reason not to. I know it will make me feel even better. It is on 10-10-10. A goal to look forward today.

I want to save money to get my own apartment. That should be a goal for 2010. Get my own place. Be a grownup and be my own women.

Find a job i am happy to do in 2010. I think that I have found a good temp job and we will see if that can help me get on with the company.

Crafts and Crafting. So many goals in that area... I want to finish my Christmas table cloth. Finish my two needlepoint projects. Work on that needlepoint Christmas project and the silhouette idea. Finish at least two quilts to the floppy stage by June and another two by the end of the year. I want to completely finish two quits. I don't care if they are "quilted" or tied.

Books. - just keep reading.

TV - watch as little as possible...

Movies.. watch as many as possible.. getting them from the library..

Have some craft parties, have some cooking parties..

Save money and pay off debt.

In total what i want to do is be the best I can be.


Run Lori Run said…
Great resolutions! it is amazing how paying off debt made be feel like a new woman, I highly recommend it! It's a new year, hope you get what you want!
cathleen said…
Your banner is like a breath of fresh air! I miss my garden so much. It's blanketed by a ton of snow right now. Thank you for visiting me.