A new adventure


I have been thinking alot about my blog lately. I am going to jump on a new adventure with it. I have two ideas. I need to get the motivation to post. I look at it a lot and think, I need to post. But i don't have the inspiration. I have been sick with a cold on and off for the past 3 weeks (it's dreadful) and I haven't been motivated to do any crafting. I have even sat down to do cross stitch and i just can't do it and go back to bed. lol

My ideas:

1. Make a post about the letter of the alphabet. A through Z. Now would it be crafting influenced i don't know I have so many interests i might just do it on what ever interests me. i think some of the letters might be hard like Q. But then quilting popped in to my head so it might not be as hard as i thought.

2. Take a photo sometime during the day for a month. I know I could do this. The hard part would be downloading it.

3. Write a story in continuous parts like Louisa Alcott use to do for the papers.

4. Write reviews

5. Write a mystery quilting pattern. First I would need to start quilting again.. lol

I am going to think about this more today and i will be back with an update.