Thrifty Saturday..

Today I stopped at my local Salvation Army store to look at a dining table. It had caught my eye on Thursday as I was driving to work. The curls on the ends of the legs remind me of the curly curl on the end of elf shoes. lol.. I have dreamed about it the last two days - on how cool it would look painted it white. I forgot to take a photo when I got out. I looked it over and I decided not to buy it. One reason is the price but then I found it was 40% off. That would have made it better but I wasn't in love with it up close. Two - was where would I put it? I am saving for my own place. There are just a few things I need. A dining room table, a double mattress and a few other things. I have stuff in storage that will fill up an apartment - just if i could afford it. lol.. Where I am staying now there is not really a place to work on it. Third - I didn't like the kind of wood it was, it didn't seem to be good quality. I haven't worked on too many pieces but I didn't know how this one would work.

I did go in though and look around. I read where someone found an old copy of Julia Child's cookbook so I am always on the lookout for that. Didn't find one but I did find a really cute glass candy dish that is footed. It has the cutest flowers on it. I fell in love and brought it home with me. I will post a photo soon.
When I walked away I thought of a present my family can get me. A sander. lol
Till later..