I spend many of my days dreaming about decorating my space. I look through magazines, read blogs and watch HGTV.. In my travels I have changed my decor preferences but I have always been attracted to country. I think I have defined my preference as shabby chic country cottage.. Now if that is not a mix up of many genres.. But i like to be unique.. I like big squishy furniture covered in white slip coverings.. I love big white moulding. I love the look of black furniture too but I also love white. I love quilts, needlepoint, flowers, china, candlesticks. Right now where I am leaving I don't have the ability to decorate like I want using the furniture I am using. I just can't wait until I have my own space.


Magizines I love to look at are:
I love Country Living

Home Companion which is now out of print but I fell in love with it and have stacked in my room all the editions I have.
That is a few of what I like. I will post more as time goes on. Have a Happy 5th of July. ( Everyone wishes you a Happy 4th.. i like to throw curve balls. lol )