Turn the page Tuesday.

I am a reader and some times I am reading up to 5 books at a time. I stumbled upon the blog Some of a Kind in which Adrienne lists the books she has read in the last month and other people link up via Mr. Linky. I thought for kicks and giggles I would list some of my books I have read recently. Below is the books that are currently in my "library bag" to be returned.
I am on a big Amish kick recently and this past month I read these books.

A Man of His Word and An Honest Love are about the Byler family in Middlefield, Ohio.
In A Man of His Word -Moriah's husband leaves the faith and then dies in a horrible accident. Her husband also has a twin brother that is also in love with Moriah and the story is about the fallout about her husband leaving and the developing relationship between Moriah and her brothers' twin.
In An Honest Love the series moves on to Elizabeth and her working at her brother in laws blacksmith shop and her encounters with Aaron. The book also centers around the girls brother Lucas and his burgeoning relationship with Anna who has recently opened an Amish gift shop.
I enjoyed the series, it's lighthearted and there are a lot ofAdd Image characters that are continuous through out the two books.
Hidden is about a Anna who is an Englisher who leaves her abusive boyfriend and flees to her good friends family's bed and breakfast in Pennsylvania. She is also a quilter. I loved reading this book.. Two of my loves are reading about people who quilt and people who own bed and breakfasts..

In the last year or so I have discovered Maryjane Butter. I now read her magazine which I love both for the visual layout of the magazine but also for the articles and the going back to nature and living the simpler life. Maryjane has also written books and Maryjane's Outpost is the 3rd of these. I love reading about the artists,crafts and ideas that she introduces the reader to. It is filled with good information and her books are laid out visually so that you find information everywhere in the pages. In this book she gives you the inspiration to set up a bathtub in the outdoors to really enjoy the experience. She also talks about camping in Streamline trailers and introduces you to people who write about it and inserts photos from the past. It's made me dream so much about collecting old quilts, blue enamel cookware, some sticks of wood and heading out to camp in a field to enjoy the stars.

When I get in the car I am also listening to the Cedar Cove series by Debbie Macomber. I started with the 16 Lighthouse road and have just recently completed 44 Cranberry Point. I love listening to books on tape. I am always looking for an excuse to drive. lol I am very lucky because my library has purchased the series that has the same reader, reading each edition so it the books just flow together. I am an avid supporter of listening to books being read out loud. They add so much more imagination for anyone who is listening.

That is just a small sample of what I am reading. Happy reading this month.


Debi said…
I love books about the Amish and have read all of Beverly Lewis. Thanks for the new author, her books are now on my "to read" list. I love Debbie MaComber... have read them all.
Paula said…
I've seen the Kathleen Fuller books and will make sure and pick one of them up now. The Amish world has always intrigued me and recently, while doing some ancestory.com searching, I found that there is Amish folks in my background. Really interesting.
Wow - that magazine by Maryjane Butter looks amazing! I have to say I haven't read any of those books either but they look interesting. Though I tend to stick to CSI/Law and Order type books!