I know much of the country has gotten alot of snow this month but this is the first snow fall in Portland. It's so fun to watch it fall. I get so excited. Got off work early so I am able to sit here and watch. Love it.


Run Lori Run said…
I'm in PDX too, isn't the snow lovely tonight? I am looking out at my neighbor's Christmas lights across the street and they're covered in snow... But my husband just called and was less thrilled with the snow as he is out driving in it right now.... :)
All of you Portlanders are gaga over snow! Must be a big deal....I'm in NYS and we're getting it daily these days. It's fun at first, but gets old fast. And forget driving in it....The older I get, the more intimidating it is. Enjoy. (I found your comment on Lori's blog, so I figured I would checks yours out!)