Update on projects..

Good Morning ;)
Update on projects. Today i have the day off so i thought i would update you on my projects. Photos to follow later today as i hope the light to be better.
I have finished my Pretty Posies cross stitch pattern. I haven't put the black border on for two reasons. I ran out of the black thread as I used two strands instead of one but i prefer the heaviness of it. Also i wasn't totally sure i wanted it. I plan to frame the work and adding that border would square it up. That is not the look i am going for. I found a frame for 1.99 or was it a dollar at Goodwill. Boy i found a couple of good things there. More on that later. Today I am going to paint the frame with a blue base and then white and then will sand it a little bit. Should be cute.
With the temp job i have now i have time to sew on my table cloth. I have made so much progress. I can not believe i have been working on it for over 10 years. A bit here a bit there but it's so time consuming and it's not even very big. I have finished all the cross stitching round the sides and the center. I just have the red berries to do and the strings of the harp. I am working on the last big section. Yahoo... I probably won't touch it today as what else would i do at work?

I have gotten a new craving. Doing some crocheting. I have been looking on YouTube and Flicker on how to make granny squares. This morning i wrapped into a ball some yarn i used from the family reunion. It's in primary colors that are variegated. I am going to practice using that. It should be fun. Hopefully I pick it up pretty easily.

Quilting you ask. That is always with me but i am taking some time to explore other passions. I have set up my machine on the desk so it won't be hard to remove the few things on there and sew. I just gotta get my fabric out and play with it and start sewing. I will get back to that.

Things i need or want to do.
  1. Buy a DMC floss holder (those plastic containers ) to put my left over thread from my projects.
  2. Buy the 4th season of the quilting show.
  3. Explore cool yarn shops to get an assortment of colors for my granny squares using Attic 24 and Jane Brockett colorways as inspiration. Check out Jane's sock colors.
  4. Just have fun!
  5. Get out pumpkin Amish and start sewing blocks.
  6. Mark my tumbling block chocolate pieces so that it can be my next project at work or should i work on an applique project. Decisions, Decisions.
  7. Should I get a new cross stitch project after the table cloth is done? Something to ponder. If so what would it be?
  8. Make up a needlepoint project and use up the webbing i got. Something in the vein of Kaffe Fassett. Gotta get the holder out of storage.
  9. Take on the world.
  10. Finally find a full time job as the option of not working is not an option financially . lol

Have a great day everyone.