Working on a another project.

I am feeling so creative lately. I love it. I am also trying something new. Rather than putting things off I am working on them when I am inspired. So I am having many projects going at once rather than just one. It is helping me get through all of them faster. Odd but true. I don't get bored so easy and I get motivated to work on all of it instead of do nothing. So today I brought a different project to work on - that I actually kind of started in July but got sidetracked as I wasn't sitting at a table doing it but on my bed watching a movie.
There is a side note to my project today. Over the last 5 years or so, in my act to become more creative ,I have fallen in love with certain magazines and I would buy them every month to fill my creative and dreaming fix. The number I buy each month has been dwindling as different magazines are closing. Magazines like Home Companion, Cottage Living, Country Living, and a few others. I still can get Victoria and Romantic Home. I always buy Quilters Newsletter and assorted quilting ones that catch my eye. Another one i am grieving is Mark Lipinski leaving Quilters Home. I can't find their latest version where he is not part of it. I am curious and just want to see it. Victoria- that has inspired me in the literature world and has introduced me to some wonderful writers and artists i.e. Tasha Tutor, Alexandra Stoddard and Madeleine L'Engle to name a few.
Well let me tell you the stacks keep falling over I have collected so many because I don't like giving them away. I am running out of room. I had to par down as they were collecting dust and I wasn't looking at them like i thought i would. I didn't want to get rid of them because they inspired me. I decided to do an idea that my friend David J. told me about. Make a "Dream Book" or and "Idea Notebook" full of my influences as that I could look through for decorating and quilting ideas and anything else I wanted to be inspired for. I first determined that there were a few magazines that I still wanted to hang on to. Like my quilting magazines, Home Companion, Victoria and I think Romantic Home. I divided them up earlier this year. The others were the ones I was going to go through and cut out pages or photos or whatever tickled my fancy and glue them into the book and then recycle them.
When I was at Freddy's one day I got Strathmore Sketch book. that is 100 pages thick and 9 x 12. It is heavier than basic notebook paper and it's perfect to glue magazine paper to.
In July when I started the project I thought if I could just do about 4 a day or at least 4 a week, I could get through the "get rid of stack". Well when I sat down on my bed the first day to work on it, the flow wasn't there and I didn't get as much done as I had hoped. At the end of the movie, I put all my cutting into a hanging folder and filed them away till the next time and I figured out what I was going to do.
This past week I have just haven't been able to get the project off my mind so guess what I pulled out this morning. Yes you are right. My cuttings, my sketch book, a glue stick and about 6 more magazines. I sat here for 4 hours putting the cuttings on to the pages. Time has whizzed by. I plan now to cut from 3 more magazines and try to glue them in.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and thanks for reading.