Wasted time...

Since i started my temp job - i work noon till 9 at night. I love so many things about it. I am able to sew all day. I am working on my cross stitch Christmas table cloth. I have been working on it forever and i am on the last big part. It is soothing my soul by getting so much sewing done. The answering the phone is not too taxing which is nice. I have met some nice people.

My problem is the mornings. What should i do? The options are limitless but guess what i choose to do. I choose to sleep. I don't need it but you can't make me get up before 9 and today it was 10. It takes me 40 minutes tops to do my morning - make myself beautiful and get ready for work routine. lol... so what else is there? not enough time to watch a movie. I guess i could read but that makes me sleepy. I am sewing all day so that is not needed to be done right now. Look for a regular job i suppose but i get distracted on the Internet. I could play my games. but it just wants me to snuggle under the covers. I can't paint in the house on my new pitchure frame and it's been raining lately. I could go to the gym to lose that weight. But the motivation is just not there.. i worry that it will never be there.

I am very blessed that this is my biggest dilemma. Maybe in a way i am fighting a bit of down in the dumps situation... I know.. I could blog. I could write that book i have wanted to write. I could ... i could.. i could.... see so many possibilities..

well it's almost time to leave and i have to dry my hair... i get to sew with the color blue today.. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!