I reached the deadline!!

Hello Everyone!!!
I am back to work. It's a temp job having to do with the N1H1 virus but it's something to do for money over the holidays and it might get my foot in the door.
Needless to say I won't be able to attend the bazaar at my local church that I was helping my friend out. I now work weekends and noon to 9. After 20 years working 8-5 and weekdays it should be interesting.

So what was the deadline? It was making my pin cushions. I have posted a few i did at the beginning. I ended up doing 52. Well really 55 but the first two i made are not decent to sell and the third extra one is not up to par either so i keep that one for my Xmas needlepoint project bag.
Here is the box of them. I just love how they look. All 52 of them put in a photo box. And a few of the last ones i did. I even took a video of them by mistake.. but it gives you a view of the whole box. I might have to post more of these videos. It was fun.

Even though it wasn't a huge pressure it felt like i had to get them done. I didn't know how many to do and it felt like i was working on them all the time but only having 50 done I guess not. I definitely got faster as the weeks went by but they still take time. We will see if they sell at all. I might have 49 by the end of Saturday. lol

So what is my next project you ask? I don't know.. but i think i hear the gym calling my name. Too much Halloween candy. lol

Ta Ta!!!